Budget Development Subcommittee

College Council – Budget Development Subcommittee Charter

Revised Draft – 11.22.17; Updated per GSC Meeting 05.26.2021

Subcommittee Purpose:

Support the annual budget development process through representative engagement, and provide balanced budget recommendations to College Council.

Scope of Work:

The Budget Development Subcommittee is responsible for supporting the annual budget development process by: engaging stakeholders and fostering dialogue; reviewing and approving budget assumptions, balancing levers and balancing proposals; providing balanced budget recommendations to College Council, and evaluating and recommending changes to the annual budget process. The subcommittee strives to reach a consensus balanced budget.

The Budget Development Subcommittee shall: 

  • Recommend to College Council assumptions and considerations for annual budget development 
  • Evaluate and recommend changes to the annual budget development process
  • Provide opportunities for college-wide dialogue and forums on budget and finance issues*
  • Receive, propose, review and discuss budget allocation recommendations to include revenues, investments, and expense reductions
  • Present balanced budget recommendations to College Council in alignment with the Board of Education and legal budget development timeline.
  • Develop and evaluate college-wide budget/financial policies
  • Develop the college's strategies and long-range fiscal plan in support of the strategic plan


  • Controller - 1 
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs or designee - 1 
  • Vice President for Finance and Operations or designee - 1
  • Classified - 2 
  • Faculty - 2 
  • Managers – 2, with at least one being an instructional manager
  • Students – 2
  • Director of Budget and Resource Planning  – 1 (ex-officio non-voting member)

Operating Ground Rules:

  • No member has a veto of suggestions and initiatives to be considered
  • Recommendations will move to college council with majority consensus
  • Minority reports if any will accompany recommendations to college council