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In studying physics, you experience and appreciate the continual evolution of humanity's (and your own!) insights about physical phenomena.

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Physics is the study of matter and motion in its most fundamental forms. For this reason, physics is studied by majors in all sciences for breadth of understanding, by professional-technical students for deeper understanding of technology, by humanities students for insight into ways of thinking deeply embedded in human civilization, and by people generally to gain enjoyment and scientific literacy in a world deeply impacted by science.

2 years Full-time
$15,408 Full program


  • Newton’s laws of motion, force, and energy
  • Heat, work, and the laws of thermodynamics
  • Light waves, sounds waves, optics, and images
  • Electricity, magnetism, electric circuits, and magnetic induction
  • Modern physics, including relativity and quantum mechanics
  • Astronomy: our solar system, stars, galaxies, and cosmology
  • Scientific reasoning skills that are applicable to a wide variety of fields


The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree with a focus in Physics is designed for students interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree in physics, engineering and engineering technology. From engineering to manufacturing to education, physics is a foundation for many careers.

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