No Show Drop

No Show Drop Policy

If you do not attend at least one class during the first week of the term, your instructor will mark you as a "No Show Drop." If you are in an in-person class, you must attend at least one class meeting during the first week. If you are in an online class, you must participate in one class activity online. A "No Show Drop" will impact your financial aid. 

  • Unable to attend your first week of class due to an emergency? Please contact your instructor.
  • Questions about financial aid impact? Please email

No Show Drop Request

If you don't attend the first week, it is your responsibility to monitor your student account and to verify that you received a "No Show Drop." If you don't attend the first week and notice that your course has not been dropped, you can request that the course be removed from your class schedule and the tuition and fees deducted from your balance. Start this process by filling out and submitting the form below, along with documentation (a letter from your teacher) confirming that you did not attend the class.

You can make this request for up to one year past the end of the term you stopped attending.

If your request is approved, you will receive an email notification that your enrollment has been adjusted and the charges have been reversed from your account balance.

If you are receiving financial aid, the amount disbursed to your account may be adjusted due to the correction in your enrollment level. We strongly advise you to contact the financial aid department prior to submitting this request. Once your request has been submitted, it cannot be cancelled. If you have questions about how this might affect your account, the financial aid department may be reached at 541-463-3400 or by email at

No-Show/Drop Request Form