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Grow your future through Lane’s Biology Transfer Program.

What you’ll learn

Whether you’re an aspiring biology major, thinking about a career in medicine, or just interested in learning about nature and life around you, Lane’s Biology program offers classes for you. Choose from more than 20 different courses in biology over four terms, some of which feature field trips to areas as diverse as Oregon Coast, the Cascade Mountains, Costa Rica, and our own campus ecosystem!

Transfer Interest Area

While working on your transfer degree, your classes will include hands-on labs, and make use of resources like the greenhouse, the wet lab, the herbarium, the outdoor classroom, and the native landscape.

2 years Full-time
$15,408 Full program


  • Molecular, cellular, and genetic bases
  • Models of cellular processes and structures
  • Plant ecology and the characteristics of the flowering plants
  • Evolution of multicellularity in plants and animals
  • Phylogeny and evolution of vertebrates
  • Coastal, montane, and high desert habitats


Whether you’re looking to start your career as soon as you’ve earned your bachelors degree or you’re planning to continue on to graduate school, your two years at Lane will make sure you’re prepared for whatever comes next. Careers in health care, dentistry, medicine, optometry, medical technology, podiatry, veterinary medicine, ecology, marine biology, and genetics are all possibilities for biology students. As a student, you'll work with your advisor to develop a plan to meet your goals.

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Biology Course Tracks

200 Level Courses are for science majors going into the field of biology, or anyone wanting in-depth biology instruction.

General biology (or "non-majors") courses are intended for anyone interested in the field of biology, and fulfill a science requirement for non-science majors. They are taught either as "core" courses (called "Survey of Biology"), which cover the broadest spectrum of topics and concepts, or through term-long special emphasis courses, which teach the theme of the group in the context of a specialized area of biology. A variety of emphasis courses are available each quarter, in areas such as marine biology, birds, botany, genetics, and zoology. 
General biology courses are placed into BI101, BI102, and BI103 groups. The theme and general concepts of each group are different in their coverage of fundamental biological principles:

  • BI101 courses emphasize cellular processes
  • BI102 courses deal with systems within living organisms
  • BI103 courses address the concepts of evolution, ecology, and the diversity of life

Note: General biology course numbers have suffixes to indicate different special emphasis topics; BI101A, BI101B, BI101C, BI101D, and so on, are considered equivalent. Because of this, only one each of the BI101s, BI102s, and BI103s can be used toward degree requirements for science credits.

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