LCC longhouse ceiling beams and skylight

Longhouse Reservation Information

Want to reserve the Longhouse for a class or activity?

The LCC Longhouse is a multi-use facility available to all students and provides program and classroom space for culturally appropriate activities. Examples of such classes and activities could include: American Indian Language classes, ethnic studies classes, Native American studies, credit and noncredit classes on Native American culture, activities, and events sponsored by the Native American Student Program and the Native American Student Association.

In order to ensure that activities that take place in the LCC Longhouse are in keeping with the spirit and purpose of this type of facility, the LCC Longhouse operates under the auspices of the Native American Student Program Coordinator as part of the Student Engagement Development Department.

Scheduling Guidelines:

Priority use for the Longhouse is as follows:

  • Monday through Friday, 8:00 – 3:00. The priority use of the Longhouse is reserved for credit classes.
  • Monday through Friday: 3:00 – 6:00, the priority use of the Longhouse is reserved for student and community/tribal group meetings and events.
  • Monday through Friday: 6:00 – 10:00, the priority use of the Longhouse is reserved for noncredit classes, student and community/tribal group meetings, and events.

Credit classes:

  • Credit and noncredit classes will be scheduled in accordance with existing scheduling processes within departments. The Dean of Student Life and Leadership and the Native American Student Program Coordinator will work to identify classes and negotiate conflicts as needed.

Reservation requests for weekends are also prioritized by request:

  • Student use
  • Community/tribal use
  • Other

General Guidelines for use of the LCC Longhouse

Classes, community and tribal use, programs and administrative functions in the Lane Community College Longhouse should:

  • Assist and enhance the specific recruitment, retention and academic success of Native American students at Lane Community College, and by extension, the recruitment, retention and academic success of all LCC students.
  • Assist Native American students as they address the socioeconomic and cultural issues related to their academic success while attending Lane Community College.
  • Assist Native American populations to improve their socioeconomic conditions and address culturally appropriate issues through the education of the larger non-Native populations about these conditions and
  • Assist and enhance the experiences of the general Lane Community College student population to improve their personal and respective communities’ socioeconomic condition and cultural identity through comparison and analysis with various Native American nations’ philosophies and worldviews.

LCC Longhouse Code of Conduct

  • All users must comply with Lane Community College policies and procedures, and with the Lane Community College Student Code of Conduct
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Intoxicated individuals are not permitted in the LCC Longhouse.
  • Lane Community College is a smoke free campus. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only.
  • Board policy prohibits the possession of firearms on campus and in the Longhouse
  • The LCC Longhouse is a place of respectful interaction and contemplations. The use of profanity is inappropriate.
  • Exchange of money between parties is prohibited in the Longhouse. All parties prohibited to buy or sell products in the Longhouse.

User responsibilities:

  • Users are responsible for event set up, take down and clean up. Please make sure to include time before and after the event to complete these tasks.
  • User events that include food must have someone connected to the event who is familiar with food safety procedures and all state, local and LCC regulations. Any member of the user group involved with the preparation and/serving of food must hold a valid Oregon Certified Food Handlers card.
  • Users must follow posted usage rules for using the kitchen for using the equipment, and cleaning up for the event.
  • Users are responsible for reviewing the Public Safety website.

All users must abide by existing college policies, the LCC Longhouse Code of Conduct, posted Longhouse rules, and conditions of use as described in the space request form. Failure to comply with college and/or longhouse procedures may result in future loss of use.

Longhouse Reservation Request Form