Daisy Award

Lane Community College is happy to announce the introduction of the nurse student and nurse educator DAISY award. The DAISY award was started in 1999 by the by the family of J. Patrick Barnes after Patrick passed away from complications of an auto-immune disease. DAISY stands for Diseases Attacking the Immune SYstem. During Patrick’s hospitalization, the family deeply appreciated the care and compassion shown by the nurses so started the DAISY award.

Nominate your extraordinary nursing student or nurse educator today using a link below! You can also fill out a paper nomination form located throughout the health professions building. Drop the nomination form into the drop box at the front desk. It is that simple!

DAISY Award for the Nursing Student

The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students is designed to remind students, even on the hardest days in nursing school, why they want to be a nurse.  By recognizing nursing students for the above-and-beyond care and compassion shown to patients and their families, the DAISY Foundation celebrates what it truly means to be a nurse.

Anyone can nominate an extraordinary nursing student who is enrolled at Lane Community College who excels in integrity, compassion, communication, teamwork, healthcare equity and inclusion, professionalism, safe patient care and quality improvement.

Nominate a Nursing Student

DAISY Award for the Nurse Educator

The DAISY Foundation, as part of its service to the nursing profession, established The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurse Educators. The purpose of this program is to provide to colleges/schools of nursing a national recognition program they may use to demonstrate appreciation to faculty for their commitment and inspirational influence on their nursing students.

Anyone can nominate an extraordinary nurse educator who teaches for Lane Community College. For a nurse educator to be selected as an honoree, we look for certain qualities that the educator displays such as a high level of evidence-based instructional strategies, displays principles of diversity, equity, and/or inclusion, adheres to standards of practice, utilizes communication to empower nursing students, encourages appropriate use of technology, utilizes assessment and evaluation methods to provide feedback to students, and to enhance their own teaching methods; goes above and beyond for students.

Nominate a Nurse Educator

Each nominee will receive a certificate, be a part of our nomination ceremony, receive a beautiful DAISY pin and win a spot on our wall of fame!

Each honoree of the award will receive a certificate, a DAISY pin, flowers, and a beautiful hand sculpted Healer’s Touch sculpture from Zimbabwe. All honorees receive much, much more!