Cash, Check, Credit Card and Payroll Deduction

A cash gift is the simplest and most immediate way to support the Lane and has an immediate impact on students' lives and Lane programs. Cash, check or credit card gifts can be made as a one-time gift or as monthly, quarterly, or annual contributions and are deductible for income tax purposes in the year in which they are contributed. Lane is an excellent investment.

Donor Gifts By Cash & Checks

Please make your check payable to the Lane Community College Foundation and mail it to us at:

Lane Community College Foundation
4000 E 30th Ave, Bldg 19, Rm 270
Eugene, OR 97405-0640

As staff are working remotely at this time, please make arrangements to deliver cash in person by calling 541-463-5135 or send directly to the LCC Foundation via US Mail at the address listed above. Cash should never be sent via Campus Mail.

Donor Gifts By Credit Card

GIVE NOW using our online form (One-time payments only)

If you would like to donate to multiple designations using your credit card OR would like to set up recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual credit card payments, please call us directly at (541) 463-5135.

For Lane Employees - Gifts Through Payroll Deductions

Whether small or large, a regular deduction from your payroll is an easy way to support Lane students and programs. Call (541) 463-5810 and we will process your request immediately. Deductions can be set up for a specific period of time or indefinitely until changed. Please route your forms to the Foundation.

If you are interested in giving though United Way of Lane County, please call us at (541) 463-5898 or visit the United Way of Lane County's website.

Donor Gift By Pledge

A donor may also pledge a cash gift amount to be paid over a specific period of time. For example, an individual may pledge a gift of $10,000 to the Longhouse capital campaign to be paid over three years. Arrangements can be made for payroll deductions, automatic transfer, or we can bill you as agreed.

To pledge a cash gift to the Foundation, call (541) 463-5538 and we will process your request immediately, or complete and sign our Gift and Pledge Form and return to the Foundation.

Gift and Pledge Form

Donor Gifts Through Corporate Gift Matching

Many companies match employee contributions to charitable causes. Matching gifts are an additional contribution over and above a donor's personal gift pledge. A dollar-for-dollar match is common, and some companies donate a two-to-one ratio or more for every dollar an employee contributes. Some companies even match contributions of their retirees. Please don't miss this opportunity to double or even triple the value of your contribution. Contact the human resources office at your workplace for details.

* The information on this page is not meant as tax advice. To fully understand any implications of your intended contribution for income tax purposes, please consult a professional tax advisor.