Transitioning from IESL

At Lane, we encourage our IESL students to continue into college programs and want to support them in the best way possible.

Steps for transitioning from IESL to college credit level:

  1. Enroll in IESL Level F classes
  2. Attend a mandatory transition orientation session
  3. Sign up for a MATH placement test
    1. Go to the MATH placement test website
    2. Login using your L Number and birthday
    3. Click "Make Appointment"
    4. Select "Placement Test/Retest-Math"
    5. Click "Find Appointments"
    6. Select the appointment date and time
    7. Choose the "Placement Test/Retest-Math" again
    8. Click "Continue"
    9. Review appointment information (testing location: Building 1, Room 116)

      It is strongly recommended that you study for the MATH placement test by completing the math review sheets and resources provided by Lane. Bring a calculator with you to your testing appointment.
  4. Meet with an academic advisor and choose classes
  5. Register for classes in myLane

Important items to know:

  • College major students must maintain a full course of study
    • 12 credits per term (only 1 online class may count toward a full-time enrollment)
    • Classes must be graded or pass/no pass (Audits are not allowed)
  • College major students need to make progress toward completing studies
    • Pass at least 12 credits per term
    • Maintain 2.0 GPA or higher
  • You should continue to take writing each term until you complete Writing 121 to help you gain the skills needed to be successful!
  • Meet regularly with your academic advisor to be sure you are taking the right classes! Building a 2-year plan is an important first step.
  • Successfully complete all three classes of Level F of the IESL Program with passing grades (A, B, and C)
  • Final grades of Level F classes along with teacher evaluations determine which credit level writing class students will progress into: WR093/EL113 or WR115

Important Deadlines

  • Drop a class with a refund by Sunday of Week 1
  • Pay a bill by the 15th of the first month of the term
  • Make a grade change (from a letter grade to pass/no pass) by Friday of Week 8
    • Audits are not allowed!


Writing Sequence

  • WR093/EL113 are developmental reading and writing classes
  • WR115 is a college-level writing (transferable elective credit)
  • WR121 is a college-level writing class (transferable credit and required by 4-year universities

Visual description of Writing Sequence:


visual description of writing class sequence described in text above image

Math Sequence

  • Depends on your major and your placement test results. Please see your advisor!