General Education Substitution and Waiver Petition

The General Education Substitution and Waiver Petition is for students requesting the substitution or waiver of a general education degree requirement. Please note that approval of this petition is only typical in cases of exceptional or extenuating circumstances with documentation/supporting information.

Please read though the following information before submitting the petition. You will find a link to the online petition at the bottom of this webpage.

Definition of terms:

General Education: essential, collegiate-level component of degree programs which is designed to foster independent lifelong learning by introducing students to the content and methodology of the major domains of knowledge (e.g. writing, math science, social science, arts and letters etc.)

Substitution: using a non-required course for a degree requirement in the place of the required course

Waiver: a release from a requirement as written in the catalog

Is the General Education Substitution and Waiver Petition appropriate for your request?

What type of degree are you in?

  • If you are in a transfer or general degree program (e.g. Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer, Associate of Arts Transfer, Associate of Science Transfer, Associate of General Studies, Associate of Science Oregon Transfer) and are wishing to waive/substitute a requirement based on exceptional or extenuating circumstances, then you would use this petition.
  • If you are in a Career Technical Program (i.e. Bachelor of Applied Science, Associate of Applied Science, or Certificate) you may not need to complete this petition. First check with your Academic Advisor and/or Instructional Dean to see if they can assist you with a substitution/waiver, and/or if Credit by Prior Learning or Assessment is an appropriate route instead of a petition.

Are you requesting something other than a substitution or waiver?

Prepare these components before submitting this petition:

  • Statement - You will be asked to detail why you are submitting this petition. Consider comparing your statement to writing an argumentative essay. You will want to provide evidence and details to support your petition, and address counter-arguments/weaknesses.
  • Documentation - Gather any supporting documentation. The documentation you provide may help support your petition.
  • Letter of Support - A letter of support is recommended. Please attach the letter of support to your petition submission. You may wish to reach out to one of the following individuals for a letter of support: an instructor in your program of study, your program of study's academic advisor, or the instructional Dean or designee (such as a program coordinator)

Due Date & Timeline:

  • Submission Due - by Thursday of Week 6 during Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Summer term petitions will be reviewed as they arrive. 
    It is the student's responsibility to make sure all components of the petition have been included. Upon receipt, petitions deemed to be incomplete will be returned for resubmission.
  • Submission Review - Petitions are reviewed by the Academic Requirements Review Committee (ARRC) between Week 7 or 8 of Fall, Winter and Spring terms. Summer term petitions will be reviewed as they arrive. 
  • Decision and Notification - The ARRC will make a decision and notify you and your Academic Advisor within two weeks of the meeting. Decisions will be emailed to your Lane student account (
  • Appeal - If a student disagrees with the ARRC’s decision, they may file an appeal to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Vice President Student Affairs. The appeal must be filed by the end of the following term after receiving the committee’s decision. Spring and summer term applicants have until the end of the following fall term to appeal the decision. For more information please see LCC’s ARRC policy page.

It is important to update your contact information (e.g. address and telephone) in case we need to contact you. A tutorial on how to update your personal information can be found in the SHeD’s knowledgebase.

If you need assistance preparing your petition, please speak with your Academic Advisor.

If you have other questions or concerns, please contact

Petition for a Course Substitution or Waiver Form