Insurance Information

Lane requires international students to have health insurance because of the high cost of going to the hospital or doctor in the USA. Just one visit to the hospital can cost you a whole year's tuition and fees! If you get sick, we want you to know that you can easily see a doctor. All international students are required to buy health insurance unless they have an equivalent plan.  

You are covered by Firebird International Insurance Group:

Firebird International Insurance Group - Find doctors, claim information and much more.

If you're a new student, you will receive your insurance card at orientation. Continuing students will receive an insurance cared and policy information in the mail at the beginning of the term or may pick up an I.D. card in the International Programs office.

Please be aware that at any time you have a valid I-20 from Lane, including vacation terms in the USA, you are required to purchase Lane's health insurance plan unless you have an approved alternate plan. Failure to do so will result in termination of your I-20. 

See Colby Sheldon in 11/235 if you have any health insurance questions. 

Providing Proof of Own Insurance:

Please see Colby Sheldon before 4:00 pm on Friday of the first week of each term with a copy of your private insurance coverage. Sponsored students must provide insurance proof by this same deadline as well. Private policies must show equivalent coverage (equal or better) to Lane's policy requirements. For more information, please read the Health Insurance Requirements.

Students intending to purchase additional coverage for a spouse or dependents must do so before the first Friday of each term as well. If you have any questions about insurance or need help please see Colby Sheldon or email her at

Local Hospitals and Urgent Care

In the event of an emergency, please familiarize yourself with the local hospitals and urgent care clinics.

More Information

Please watch this video for more information about Healthcare in the USA.