Student Life and Leadership Forms

Welcome to the Student Life and Leadership Development Forms page. These links are provided here for your convenience, please refer to the instructions included in each document for the proper submission process.

Council of Clubs Forms

All forms relating to the Council of Clubs and student clubs at Lane Community College can be found on the Council of Clubs webpage.

Event and Tabling Requests

Student organization event scheduling request form -- Use this form to schedule student meetings, events, and tabling. The event title and event description will appear on Lane's event calendar.

Tabling is often a means for promoting a club and recruiting new members. This is separate from a club or resource fair. We have four locations, two each on the first and second floors of the Center Building. During good weather, you may choose to reserve outside space on the west side of the Center Building.

Student-Led Event On Main Campus  

Scheduling Services provided by the Department Coordinator

Facilities & Curriculum Smart Classroom Scheduling requests can only be made by authorized personnel. Temporary use of Space in the Cafeteria, Moskus Courtyard, Bristow Square, and Center Plaza are completed through the R-25 system interface by authorized personnel. Work Orders will be generated for all tables, chairs, staging, power, audio/visual resources, recycling, public safety, and housekeeping requests. If necessary, an ICO Inter-Campus Order will be generated: some venues have a charge associated.

Student Travel Reservation Requests require both of the following:

  1. Student Life and Leadership Development Travel Form (Full Legal name as it appears on picture ID and date of birth are required for airfare requests) This form includes an in-depth orientation that all traveling groups must complete with their advisor. Print and submit all pages to the Department Coordinator, retaining a copy for your group records
  2. College Finance Travel Form (top part only, fill out through the "purpose of conference" cell) Print and submit first page to the Department Coordinator

Rates - Per Diem should be calculated by the group leader; be sure subtract all conference-provided meals, and note the first and last day of travel have an alternate rate.

Motorpool - Guidelines available - Student Groups Schedule by Advisor Request.

Contracting for Services and Performers

  • W-9 Internal Revenue Service
  • Student Life and Leadership Development Service Contract (checks are generated and mailed to the W-9 address on the Wednesday AFTER services have been rendered)
  • Contract Venue (Submit Formal Quote to generate a College Finance Purchase Order)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these forms or the process to make a request, please contact:
Student Life and Leadership Development,

Rites of Passage Applications

Longhouse Reservation Request Process

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information, form or the process to make a request, please contact the Longhouse Committee at

Supplemental Information Resources