Apprenticeships Admissions and Registration

Looking to enter a highly skilled profession through-the-job training while being sponsored by an employer?

Generally, apprenticeship programs are only for Oregon State Registered Apprentices. For more information, reach out to the Apprenticeship Office.

Before you get started

Check out the Apprenticeship Department page to learn more, get in touch, and learn about pre-apprenticeship classes.


When you apply, you'll be asked to select a program of study. Be sure to indicate "I am starting an apprenticeship program as a BOLI registered apprentice"

Apprenticeship programs are not financial-aid eligible. If you decide to apply your apprenticeship credits towards the AAS degree or Certificate, you can change your program of study at a later date.

Once you have completed your admissions online, you will receive three emails:

  • A confirmation email stating that we have received your admission form.
  • An email 1-2 business days later with your L number (student ID number).
  • An email with your temporary password to log into ExpressLane, our online student portal.


  • An email address you can check

Sponsored Accounts

If your employer is sponsoring your apprenticeship classes, refer to the Sponsored Accounts website.

Placement Testing

Placement testing is required for the following trades:

  • Limited Maintenance Electrician (math)
  • Manufacturing Plant Electrician (math)
  • Millwrights (reading & math)
  • All degree-seeking students


  • Your L Number

Claim your student email and satisfy the requirements of LCC's vaccination policy

If you're applying for Summer, after you've claimed your student email account in ExpressLane, we'll email you a link to complete the vaccination status reporting form. This link will be unique to you, so be sure not to share it with anyone else. Find the latest information on our COVID-19 vaccination page.

If you're applying for Fall, there is no need to complete the vaccination status reporting form. But be sure to sign in to ExpressLane to claim your email. This will be the primary email address we use to communicate with you while you’re a student.

Register for classes

  1. Login to myLane (ExpressLane)
  2. Click on myEnrollment
  3. Registration, Class Schedule, and Books
  4. Registration and Schedule Changes
  5. Register for Classes
  6. Select correct term and continue
  7. Click on that tab at the top Enter CRNs
  8. Enter the class CRN number and submit changes

Complete and return the student information release form

Fax: 541-463-3951
Mail: Joy Crump, Apprenticeship
Lane Community College-15/201
4000 E. 30th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97405


Contact Joy Crump, Administrative Specialist at 541-463-5496 or
Main Campus-Bldg. 15 Rm. 201

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