1960s civil rights march

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As part of our larger commitment to education, we honor the legacy of the iconic civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through free, informative events for the LCC and broader community. These gatherings will be a celebration of Dr. King's profound contributions to the fight for equality, and will provide an opportunity for our community to come together in reflection as we actively engage in conversations that promote justice and harmony. Please join us in participating in these enriching experiences that celebrate the enduring spirit of Dr. King's dream.

As part of our commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 15, 2024, we were thrilled to host artist Titus Kaphar. Details included below. 

Please check back next year for more information about our Martin Luther King Jr. Day events.

Promotional ad for Titus Kaphar's talk

Thursday, January 11th: Titus Kaphar Keynote Address 

“Making Space for Diverse History”

If art is a language that speaks, what is it saying? In statue form, Roosevelt rides a horse and boldly stares into the future; meanwhile, nameless African American and Indigenous people walk on foot beside him. Statues of confederate soldiers loom over our civic institutions—our libraries and schools and offices—without context or apology.

In this powerful talk, Titus Kaphar imagines a renewed, more nuanced engagement with American history: envisioning new spaces for marginalized or forgotten bodies to enter, and disrupt, the evolving fabric of our culture. Join Titus—one of the country’s most exciting young painters—on a revealing, intellectually nourishing tour of the issues most in need of amendment.

Read more about Titus Kaphar in this New York Times feature.