Refund Request Information and Form

Refund Request Information

If you were unable to complete a course due to circumstances beyond your control, you may file an online Refund Request. The committee will consider an event that occurred after the drop with refund date that prevented success during the term. If approved, a tuition refund of 25% to 100%, will be applied to your account.

Reasons considered for a refund include:

  • Illness or injury of student impacting ability to continue attending classes.
  • Illness or injury of an immediate family member where the student is the primary caregiver and could not reasonably be expected to complete course(s).
  • Death of an immediate family member (Note: Immediate family members include spouse, domestic partner, parents, grandparents, siblings and children). Other individuals may be considered if a close bond is evident.
  • Required military service
  • A required move out of the area.

A maximum of 2 refunds will be approved within any 7 year period.

Refunds do not change the grade assigned by your instructor, nor do they refund transportation fees and other course fees. Notification of the outcome of your appeal will be sent to your myLane email address within 30 days of receipt. Before submitting your refund request, please refer to refund request requirements below for additional information:

Wait. You may not need to file a refund request….

If your issues are related to the quality of instruction, your educational experience, or you feel you have been misadvised, use the Complaint Process form below. Your complaint will be reviewed by the appropriate college administrator. Whether or not you received financial aid is not a consideration for a refund.

If you never attended a class, you should use the ‘No Show Drop’ process.

Refund request requirements

All requirements must be met before your refund request will be considered. Before submitting your request, carefully review the information below:

  • Form: Complete the online “Refund Request Form for Credit Classes” below
  • Documentation: Include independent documentation that supports the reason for your request, along with any information you believe would be helpful to the committee in making their decision (See Documentation Requirements section below)
  • Submission deadline: Your refund appeal must be received by the college within 90 days from the end of the term.

Contact the following departments for petitions about Community Education classes:

Documentation Requirements

  • Documentation must include the event that occurred after the deadline to drop with a refund that caused you to become unsuccessful.
  • Documentation for physical or mental health must be provided by an appropriate licensed health professional. Letters from medical professionals should be signed and on official letterhead.
  • For ongoing conditions, the provider must also document an ongoing relationship with the patient (defined as at least 2 prior visits)
  • Documentation should include the date of the visit that occurred prior to dropping the classes.
  • Unverifiable documentation such as photos of accidents or injuries, or descriptions by nonprofessionals are usually not sufficient.
  • Members of the committee are not medical professionals. Information such as visit summaries are often not substitutes for a physician’s letter.

Key Deadlines

To obtain a 100% refund, you must drop your class by 11:59 p.m. on the Monday of the second week of the term. (Exception: for classes less than 4 weeks, drop the class at least three days before the class begins to receive a refund.) Once you have made changes at/before the refund deadline, make sure that the classes you have dropped are no longer on your schedule. Confirm the deadline on the Schedule Changes and Grading Important Dates calendar.

Refund Process for students using Tuition Assistance

Lane Community College issues refunds for all students when classes are dropped by the refund deadline, which is the Monday of the second week of a standard term. Students using Tuition Assistance (TA) will be issued a full refund of 100% if classes are dropped by this same deadline. Lane will return 100% of TA funds for students who drop within the first six weeks of the term. After the end of the sixth week of a standard term, the course is considered 60% complete and TA funds will no longer be returned. If the course drop is not due to a military obligation, the student will be responsible for the tuition not covered by the TA. 

Students who stop attending due to a military service obligation will be issued a full refund upon submission of documentation that supports required military leave of more than one week. 

Refund Request Form for Credit Classes

Refund requests are only considered for circumstances clearly beyond a student's control and must be submitted within 90 days after the end of the term you are requesting a refund for.

If you have documented medical or emergency reasons why you were unable to drop your class by the refund deadline, use this form to request a refund. Review the Refund Request Information above for details about filing a request.

If you have questions about whether you might be eligible to receive a refund, or how to do so, please email the Refund Request Committee at


Refund credits from dropped courses will first apply to any outstanding amounts due on your student account. Refunds are credited back to the original source of payment as follows:

  • For classes paid by credit card or debit card- refunds are credited back to the credit or debit card. (Please note refunds can take up to 30 days by your bank.)
  • For classes paid by cash or check - refunds are issued through Bank Mobile or as a check.
  • For classes paid by third party or agency payments - refunds are issued to the original payor
  • For classes paid by financial aid resources - credits will be reviewed by the Financial Aid department and may be applied to offset financial aid resources. Any remaining refund authorized by Financial Aid will be issued as a refund check or direct deposit. Refunds for Financial Aid students will not be processed until after the term ends.
Please enter both your first and last name
Is your account currently in collections?
Mark each that applies to your refund request
CRN and Course Name for each class.
You must either submit documentation in person/by mail OR by attaching supporting documentation to this form (see below). All documentation must be received by ESFS within 14 days of refund request. If documentation is not received within 14 days and your refund request is reviewed, it will be automatically denied. Please mark which option you will be using to submit the required documentation:

You can submit documentation in person to Enrollment and Student Financial Services in the lobby of Building 1 on main campus.


Mail documentation to:
Lane Community College
PO Box 50850
Eugene, Or 97405-0099

Maximum 5 files.
50 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, xls.

Request for refunds are considered only for circumstances clearly beyond a student's control. Transportation fee is non-refundable. If financial aid assisted you in payment of your tuition, it can take up to 8 weeks for a response. Any refund is first applied to your account if any term has a balance effective that date. After funding your account, any overpayment will be refunded to you. Notification will be emailed to you.

Lane Community College Refund Policy