Academic Procedures and Definitions

Address/Telephone/Email Updates: Use myLane to notify the college of address, telephone number and email address changes. You will be prompted to verify this information once a term when logging into myLane. The Permanent (PR) type refers to your primary/main address, telephone and email. Lane does not use the address types for Mailing (MA) or Billing (BI), so please do not use these types. See the detailed instructions about updating your personal information in myLane.

Audit Grade Option: Courses taken in the grade mode of audit are not graded and no credits are earned. The grade recorded is "U", which has no effect on your grade point average. Beginning Summer term, 2011, courses changed to audit after the enrollment "freeze" of the second week of term, will count as part of the completion calculation for financial aid requirements. Courses originally registered as audit before the term begins, will not count in the completion calculation. Please see the Financial Aid SAP requirements information for more complete details.

Canceled Classes: Classes that do not meet minimum enrollment criteria will be canceled. The college will attempt to notify the affected students when a class is canceled. Tuition for canceled classes will be refunded completely.

Course Reference Numbers (CRN): When using myLane to register, you will be asked to submit the CRN for the particular course section you wish to take. You will find the CRN listed next to the courses listed in the online class offerings. On the Lane homepage, once you choose a term, select either Credit Classes or Community Education Classes. Once logged into myLane, you will find the CRNs by selecting Enrollment Services, Registration, and "Look up classes to add".

Credit Maximum: 18 credits is considered the maximum load you should take. If you wish to register for more than 18 credits in a term, you need approval from a counselor or advisor. Contact Advising.

Department or Instructor Consent: Some credit classes require permission from the instructional department or instructor before you can enroll. If you don't have permission, you will receive a registration error in myLane when attempting to register. Contact the department offering the class to arrange for consent.

Dropping/Withdrawing from Classes: If after registering you decide not to take a class or if you begin a class and do not continue, it is your responsibility to use myLane to drop the class within the refund period or you will be expected to pay for the class. myLane will show you, in the drop option, whether you will receive an automatic refund or not. If it is past the refund period, only a medical/mental health concern or a family emergency with documentation will be considered for refund of charges.

Final Exam Schedule: You should also refer to each instructor's syllabi for exact date and location for your final exams.

Grade Options: When registering for a class, you will automatically be enrolled to take the class for a letter grade. You may change your grade option (e.g. to pass/no pass or audit options) using myLane. View the schedule change deadlines.

Grade Reports: You may view and print your grades by accessing your unofficial transcripts on myLane beginning on the Wednesday following the end of the term. Grade reports are not mailed. Official transcripts may be ordered and paid for in myLane for $5.00. If you have a past due balance you will not be able to access any transcripts until the debt is completely cleared. Awarded degrees and certificates can be viewed on unofficial transcripts.

Majors/Program of Study: The academic program or degree indicates your current program of study. Please contact your Academic Advisor if you are planning to make a change to your program of study. If you're currently in high school and taking classes before your high school graduation, please contact our High School Connections office to make sure you have the right program/major selected. 

No Show Drop for Non-Attendance: Once you have registered for a class it is your responsibility to pay the tuition and fees. You must use myLane to drop any classes for which you do not want to be charged by the refund deadline each term. Deadlines may be reviewed at the Deadlines and Calendars web page. Students will be dropped through the "No Show Drop" procedure for nonattendance or failure to meet prerequisites. Instructors will notify departmental staff to "No Show Drop" students who do not attend at least one class session during the first week that the class is offered each term. Students who do not physically attend at least one class session during the first week or participate in an online class activity for online classes will be "No Show Dropped".

Pass/No-Pass: You may choose the pass/no-pass option for up to 16 credits per degree in a non-major subject. Carefully review the degree requirements for majors at Lane; and, if transferring to a four-year institution, review their degree requirements before making the decision to take a class pass/no pass. Pass/no-pass grades will count toward credits earned, but will not be computed in the grade point average (however, if you receive financial aid, they will be computed for satisfactory academic progress purposes) . If you earn an A+ or an A grade in a class taken Pass/No-pass, you will receive a letter grade. A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, or C- will be displayed as a "P" for pass and a D+, D, D-, or F grade will become displayed as a "NP" for no-pass.

Prerequisites: Some classes require that one or more classes are taken first. Classes requiring prerequisites are listed in the catalog. You will receive a registration error when registering in myLane if the correct prerequisites have not been taken. Contact the department offering the class you wish to take if you have completed the prerequisite course at another institution or if you need more information.

Refund Deadlines: The last day to drop and receive a refund varies by class length. Refer to the refund table for dates and to determine the last day to drop classes and receive a refund. For most credit classes, offered for the full term, the refund period is up until the end of the first week of class, Sunday at midnight. If the option to "drop with refund" is not viewable when dropping a class using myLane, a refund is no longer available for that class. Instructors may drop you for non-attendance, but are not required to. It is your responsibility to use myLane to drop any classes by the refund deadline or you will be responsible for all charges.

Release of Records/Student Information

Social Security Number: Lane does not require a Social Security Number for admission and does not use Social Security Numbers for identification purposes for students in general. However, if you are applying for federal financial aid through a FAFSA, we do need you to provide your SSN to Lane in order to be able to pull your FAFSA file from the Department of Education and match it with your student information here. You can provide your SSN on your admission application, or, if you have already completed admission, you may come to Enrollment Services, with photo ID, to give us your SSN.

Transfer of Credits Procedure

Variable Credits: Some credit classes have a range of credits available. When you register for a variable credit class you will initially be enrolled for the minimum number of credits. You are responsible for changing the number of credits in myLane through the Friday of the last week of instruction, prior to finals week. Instructions on how to change the number of credits. Credit levels cannot be adjusted on Wednesdays. If a decrease is made in the credit level of a variable credit class after the refund deadline, the account summary will initially show a refund of tuition, but this will be corrected within 1-2 business days.

Withdrawal from College: When you drop your last class in myLane, you are providing final notification to Enrollment Services and Financial Aid (if applicable) of your intent to withdraw from Lane. The college strongly urges you to visit Enrollment Services before completely withdrawing. You may be referred to an academic advisor and given information on the effect a complete withdrawal can have on financial aid. You are financially and academically responsible for all courses in which you are enrolled and no grade will be recorded if the withdrawal occurs prior to the schedule change deadline. Any tuition refund is based on the official date of withdrawal in myLane.

What is the difference between a credit and noncredit student?

Credit Students are working towards either a career/technical certificate or degree program at Lane, or are taking courses that will be eligible to transfer for a program at another college or university. In some cases, students take courses that are offered for credit for personal reasons or skills updating, even if they do not need the college credit. Students wishing to do this must still be admitted as a "credit" student, non-degree seeking, in order to access registration. One (1) credit equals one hour of class time per week. 

Noncredit or Community Education Students are taking courses for personal or professional interest. These courses do not offer college credit, but in some cases community education students can earn continuing education units, certification or other evidence of class completion to meet personal or professional requirements. The terms "Continuing Education" and "Community Education" are used interchangeably at Lane, and do not refer to credit students who wish to continue with credit coursework. Noncredit classes are offered at many different locations. Noncredit community education students can take advantage of many college services. See Continuing Education for additional information.