Lane Online Test Proctoring

Most online courses do not require proctored exams. A few online courses may be designated as "online in-person testing" and require a proctor. Please check your syllabus or contact your instructor to determine how you will be taking exams.

  • You do not need to find a proctor if you are directed to take exams on the main campus or other campus location.
  • If you wish to take your exam at the LCC Cottage Grove or Florence center, please:
    • contact the center (to find out if they are currently operating) and make an appointment to test  
    • contact your instructor and ask if the exam can be made available at the center

If you:

  • have verified with your instructor/syllabus that you need to take a proctored exam, and
  • live outside of Lane County

Please send an email to: for further information.

To find out how to participate in courses, see Learning Online.