Chicano/Latino Student Program Coordinator Office

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Welcome to the Chicano/Latino Student Program Coordinator resource office! On this website, you will find information about Chicano/Latino Student Program services at Lane Community College. This position was created in 2006, to specifically serve and respond to the growing presence of Latino students at Lane Community College and in Lane County schools. This service is reflective of Lane's current Diversity Plan, Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Strategic Plans for the College. The Chicano/Latino Student Program Coordinator is located in the Multi-Cultural Center, Division of Student Life & Leadership Development, in Building 1, Room 201.

Coordinator for:


  • Advise Chicano/Latino students in academic, financial, leadership and cultural affairs
  • Assist in the recruitment, retention and academic success of immigrant and native Chicano/Latino students
  • Assist students/parents in completing and understanding financial aid and scholarship options
  • Assist students with planning and implementing relevant programs and activities on campus and in the community
  • Collaborate with various community, local, state, federal programs and agencies, which serve Chicano/Latino student populations
  • Provide leadership opportunities for Lane students through classes, presentations and programs
  • Coordinate the Puertas Abiertas Leadership Academy for high school students

Latino Success Stories

Edúcate/Educate Yourself

Lane Community College offers a variety of classes to develop an understanding of the Chicano/Mexicano, Latino, Hispanic and Caribbean experiences in the Americas. Please check Lane's Aspire Magazine (Lane Community College Class Schedule) or the online class schedule for current offerings. These classes will have a specific focus on the Chicano/Mexicano, Latino, Hispanic and Caribbean experience. In addition, Lane's faculty is committed to an inclusive teaching and learning environment, incorporating diverse experiences in many class offerings at Lane Community College.

Prepárate/Prepare Yourself

Lane Community College offers classes for students to establish a foundation for a successful transition to college. The classes in the document below are recommended for students as resources for successful completion of personal, academic and career goals. Please check the online class schedule for current offerings.

Infórmate/Inform Yourself

The Chicano/Latino Student Program Office identifies resources for students, parents, and educators to assist with high school graduation, college planning, scholarship, and financial aid assistance. Please see the following websites and documents for available resources in Oregon and in the United States.

Contact Chicano Latino Student Program

Lane Community College
Multicultural Center - Concepción "Connie" Mesquita Multi-Cultural Center
4000 East 30th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97405

Building 1, Room 210 

Coordinador del Programa Chicano/ Latino : Jim Garcia (541) 463-5144
Mon - Thur: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am - 2pm
LCC is closed on Fridays during summer term.