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Name: Leila Jebara
From Lebanon

Arabic Version

Leila found Lane through the help of EducationUSA in Malaysia. She has thrived on campus as an active participant in international programs activities and was elected student body Vice President in the Spring of 2019!




Name: Ina Song
From: Bejing, China

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I started at Lane in 2010 and then I joined the 2 + 2 program where I got my transfer degree.

My experience at Lane was really great and it prepared me for my future here at University of Oregon and I will now attend Willamette University for their MBA program.

I really enjoyed it here at Lane because the classes are smaller and the professors can talk to you and remember your name. The location of Eugene, Oregon is really great. I enjoyed living here.

I would recommend that you come to Eugene, Oregon and start studying at Lane because it really helped me and I hope it will help you in the future too.


Wenjie Lyu

Name: Wenjie Lyu
From: Yangzhou, Jiang Su, China

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View Wenjie's video testimonial (Chinese Version)!

If you are unable to access Youtube, please watch the video on Vimeo.

I came to Lane in December 2013 and I started studying during winter term. Lane is the first school I came to start my studies in America. When I was in China, I was researching in Chinese on the internet for a school in the USA and I learned that Lane has a lot of friendly people and it has small classes. Also, I learned that Eugene is clean and has very good air quality. I see the trees and the sky and it is very good and clean here. The air quality is not good in China and I wanted to study in a place with good air quality. I liked that very much and wanted to study here.

Since I arrived, I found that this was true and I really like it here - I'm going to miss Eugene when I leave. The people here are really nice.

When I came, I wanted to further my studies and I wanted to get a good degree. I wanted to develop and challenge myself more.

I have been studying at Lane for one year and a half. My next plan is to transfer to Indiana University-Bloomington. My plan is to study at their business school. They have a very good business school and I will study there. I want to make more friends and learn more. I want to be a professional business woman in the future.

Lane has helped prepare me to transfer to a very good University – better than I expected.

I enjoy Eugene. I love the good Chinese restaurants in Eugene – especially the Kung Fu Bistro on Willamette Street. The food is very authentic and they have good spicy food. I like so many of the dishes there – I cannot pick a favorite.

I like the transportation here – I ride the bus everywhere, but sometimes I miss the bus because I am late. I like the food markets, like Safeway. I really like the events that Lane Community College organizes. My favorite is the dancing party and the shopping at outlets that are tax free and trips to Portland as well as the Coffee Talk each week.

For Lane, I really appreciate the teachers and instructors – they are really nice and creative. Because I was born in China, I always accepted the way of Chinese education and when I came here, everything was new to me. In one of my first classes I had to give a presentation and I was very worried about that. When I finished it, I felt so much joy in my heart. The teachers are very patient and they explain to you how to do something and they really encouraged me to challenge myself. They helped me step-by-step. The teachers communicate with me as a friend and help me adjust to living in the USA. We talk about many things, not just school work.

The library here at Lane is quiet and has a lot of computers available for us. We can borrow books and print anything we want without paying for that!

I also like the cafeteria. The cooks are really nice and have good food. Sometimes they cook new foods and give us samples so we can try many things.

You should come and experience life at Lane Community College and think and explore and eventually you will learn a lot that is useful and good for you. And, of course I would recommend Lane first when you come and then you transfer to many universities!

Lane is good for you, for sure!


Benediktus Galih Puntadewa

Name: Benediktus Galih Puntadewa
From: Bogor, Indonesia

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I've arrived at Lane in Spring 2014 and have been studying here for 14 months. I learned about Lane at the CES office in Bogor. They provide many options for schools and I chose Lane.

Prior to coming I felt very confident in my ability to speak English but was very surprised and shocked when I first arrived in the USA because many American spoke English very quickly and mumbled. Also, they had a hard time understanding me as well.

I immediately started studying in Lane's ESL classes and within 2 months I felt very confident in my ability to speak English. I continued to study English for 2 terms and completed their ESL program prior to moving to credit classes. My favorite classes here are the ESL classes and I made a lot of new friends in those classes. Also, I was fortunate to have American roommates at Titan Court because this really helped me improve my English.

I am now taking credit classes here at Lane with the goal of transferring to the University of Oregon to study business in 2016. I enjoy the credit classes here at Lane because the teachers are passionate and I can easily ask them questions after class.

Lane offers good academic advising so you don't get lost. They are very friendly and they advise you on your classes and many options for transfer universities.

Titan Court apartments are a good place to live because there is a mix of international students there and Americans as well. They offer free tutoring onsite as well as a lot of events.

I love the bus system in Eugene because it operates frequently, is almost always on time and it is easy to read and understand the routes and schedule. Also, I receive a bus pass from Lane that allows me to go anywhere in Eugene.

I love the international student system at Lane. The staff really helps us feel comfortable. They offer many activities and events where we can meet a lot of people from diverse cultures. Right now I'm learning to speak Mandarin from one of my friends from Taiwan. It is a great opportunity.

There are not a lot of Indonesians here, only about 40, and we get together and hang out about once a month. We are just like a family.

I am really satisfied at Lane and I have a lot of friends here. I would really recommend Lane to other students. It is a good place to save money. Eugene is not an expensive place to live as compared with Los Angeles and Seattle. Also, I can easily focus on my studies in Eugene.


Yaara Tal

Name: Yaara
From: Kibbutz Bror-Hayil, Israel

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I came to Lane in Fall 2013. I am part of a Peace Organization.

I attended a Peace summer camp in Santa Fe, New Mexico which brought together people from Israel and Palestine. This is where I learned about a full scholarship. Cliff Trolling, learned about this organization and wanted to bring two students from a conflict zone to study Peace studies at Lane. So, I applied for that scholarship and came here with a Palestinian. She is now my roommate! I was a part of this group on Facebook and learned about the scholarship on Facebook. I really wanted to study in the USA because I had finished my military service in Israel and wanted to study.

I have been taking Peace Studies and my major is international relations. My instructor, Stan Taylor was for Peace Studies and I really liked him because he is very nice and it was easy to talk with him. The first class was Peace Studies Global and my Palestinian roommate made a presentation to all of the students and they could ask a lot of questions.

I have much better English now and I learned a lot. I grew up a lot here and I learned a lot about myself and my skills. I have really loved meeting so many international friends from many countries that I cannot travel to, like Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc. When I first met them I was a little worried to tell them where I'm from, but everyone welcomed me.

My favorite thing about Eugene is the people – in general the people are really friendly and really nice. Even the bus drivers are nice here in Eugene. I also usually like the weather! I like the vibe here in Eugene.

My favorite thing about Lane is the students. I love the students. I have loved meeting people from around the world. I like to help my fellow students and I give them tips about Lane. I like attending the Coffee Talk each Monday for International students and I like the trips they take us on to Portland, Clear Lake, waterfalls, the beach, etc.

Advice to new students – come and don't be afraid. Participate in activities and the people are really nice – it is the best way to get to know new people.

I would recommend Lane to other students. All of my instructors are really nice - they help me and give me advice. The faculty at Lane are really nice and really helpful.


Tomoko Yasogawa

Name: Tomoko
From: Tokyo, Japan

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I came to study at Lane in September 2013. I studied business classes for 1 year and three months. My favorite class was BA 108 where I learned many things including how to write English business letters. Aileen, the teacher for BA 108 is amazing! I also really enjoyed my classes in accounting and business communications.

Before I came to the USA, Mr. Tada from diBec taught me about Lane. He gave me a chart of schools to consider. I was looking for a school where I could do an internship and I was also interested in schools that were in small cities with fewer Asians.

In the past I attended a school in California where there were a ton of Japanese people and we always spoke together in Japanese and I really wanted to practice my English. When I came to Lane, I found that the students studying here at Lane are very motivated and usually speak English to each other. I have been able to interact with a lot of Americans here at Lane.

I have 2 American roommates and one roommate from South Africa. Of course they all speak English and they help me with my spoken English and correct me.

My classmates in the business classes at Lane were mostly American and that is very good and they are very nice as well. We had to complete group projects together and my American classmates helped me a lot. I was able to participate in the groups and contribute various pieces of each project.

I had an internship at the Small Business Development Center in downtown Eugene. I loved it. I talked to my faculty and I wanted to have an internship where I could get credit. I had a 3 month internship and I worked about 10 hours per week. I was happy to have an internship at a business in the USA. I learned a lot about the differences between business in the USA and Japan. For example, in Japan we don't shake hands. We just bow slightly and exchange business cards.

In order to get a job, it is very important to have completed an internship and show our motivation to work and get a job.


Tomoko Yasogawa

From: Johor, Malaysia
High School: Science Muar, Johor
Preparatory School to come to USA: Ismat Kelantan

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I came to study at Lane in March 2015 for Spring term.  I have a scholarship from the Malaysian Government (MARA) and they chose Lane for me.

First of all, I like Eugene because it is not a big city and it is not crowded, but it is also not the countryside.  It is interesting and not boring and I can focus on my studies.

I also like the system here because it is very organized.  The bus routes are very organized and on time.  I can find groceries and things I need easily.  There are many supermarkets nearby and the bus can also take you anywhere.  I also love the weather and I love the people because they are really really friendly and helpful.  Regarding the weather – it is not too hot and not too cold.

Another thing I like about Eugene is the safety.  I feel very safe here because there is a low crime rate.  It is one of the safest cities in the USA.  Big cities have higher crime like Seattle and Los Angeles.

Also, I love the international program at Lane.  It is very exciting.  For international students, they will really enjoy being a part of Lane’s international program because we have a lot of events and trips.  The staff here is very friendly and helpful and the student workers help everyone too.  If you come to study here alone, you don’t need to worry because you will find many friends and everyone will help you. Everything goes smoothly because people help us.  The international students who come here are friendly and it is wonderful to make many new friends.

I am a student worker here on campus.  I chose to become a student worker because it is a great opportunity for me to make new friends and help students.  I love to help people.  It is also very good experience for me and I can practice my English and explore new things in life.  There are many benefits, but the main reason is to help people.  Tomoko, a previous student worker, really inspired me to get this job because she always helped us when we first arrived.

The Lane campus is not too big and not too small.  It is easy to walk from class to class and it is very organized and you can easily find your classroom.  The instructors are really nice and very helpful – especially to the international students.  They really help us. Students don’t have to worry about their classes.  You can also visit the tutoring center anytime and there are tutors for every subject.

There are a lot of clubs you can join at Lane and you can make a lot of friends with American students.  Lane has facilities for sports and you can use the gym – it is really good and not expensive.  You can play soccer, basketball and other sports if you’re interested.

My advice for potential students would be to come to Lane and not be afraid to ask people for help.  Don’t be shy to ask people.   People here at Lane will always help you.  Be friendly and join all of the events and trips that Lane organizes – you will have a lot of fun and learn a lot.  Be active and join the fun.  Explore Eugene and get involved.

Also, one more thing – be open minded and be respectful because you will meet many people from all over the world with different cultures and religions and it is important to be open minded.

South Korea

Youngsuk Oum

Name: Youngsuk
From: Incheon, South Korea

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I came to Lane in September 2013. I really wanted to study in the USA and I tried to look for a good school for quality education, good price and good environment. I heard that Oregon doesn't have many Koreans and I wanted to learn English and so I decided to come to Oregon. One of my friends was studying in Boston and she told me to search everywhere about schools in the USA including community colleges. I bought a book that included information about many schools in the USA and I also did a Google Search. That is how I learned about Lane.

I will complete my studies at Lane in September 2015 and I will transfer to Oregon State University to study merchandising management. I'm very excited about this!

Eugene is full of nature and I had to get used to it because it is a small city. I was able to live in Titan Court with American girls and I was able to make friends and have experiences with them and learn English and learn the new American culture. Eugene is very nice and quiet and it is not a place for big parties. I was able to focus on my studies.

When I was in Korea I was forced to study and here at Lane, I enjoy study and there is a lot of nature, so I can relieve stress naturally. I feel like I have become younger because I have fun going to the river and enjoying time with friends and being healthier. I really love going to the river and floating in the water. I also love cycling – it is really good here.

My first trip by myself was to New York and the people weren't very friendly to me. Here in Eugene, the people are very nice and very friendly. I was nervous at first and scared and I couldn't speak English very well, but the people here are so friendly and it was easy to do things. By living in Eugene, I learned a lot about nature and recycling.

I love Lane's classes because they are small – a very good size. I can easily ask questions to the instructor and I love Lane's International Program. I visited the International Program at Oregon State University and the University of Oregon and I believe the Lane's International Programs department is the best – very organized and every staff and instructor is my friend. We can even have fun and eat dinner together. The instructors are always willing to help us.

Being at Lane gave me a very good opportunity to learn English and also study regular academic classes. Because the classes are small, I can always ask questions and it helps me understand the subjects being taught.

I am currently a student here and so I would recommend Lane Community College. I have heard from my friends at different schools and they are lonely and they don't think Americans like them. I have never felt that way in Eugene or at Lane Community College. So, if the potential international student would ask me what type of school they should attend, I would definitely tell them to get to know about the city first and the school and they need to learn about the International Programs department.

The top reason to study at Lane would be: the International Program is the best and you won't be scared here. The International Program has a lot of activities at our apartment building, on campus and outside of campus. We can have fun and interact a lot. The American students understand the international students because we are living together and they always help us. They are our friends.

Don't be scared!

Jikwuen “Ji” Jang

Name: Jikwuen
From: Daegu, South Korea

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I came to Lane in winter 2012 and studied here until June 2015. I am graduating with my associate degree this month! After graduation, I will return to Korea to join the military for 2 years. When I complete my military service, I plan to return to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon.

I enjoy many things about Eugene. One of my favorite things is the weather. It is not too hot and not too cold. Winter is the rainy season, but I like it. I also like biking here and there are many good biking paths. I like the green trees too.

One of my favorite things about Lane is joining all of the activities that are coordinated by the International Programs staff. There are always fun things going on and outings we can join. I also like that the classes are small and it is easy for the students and instructors to communicate with each other.

I think Korean students should consider studying at Lane because the international program is very organized --- I am 100% sure about this. I have experience attending a different community college in Texas and it was very different. They didn't provide any services for international students. In Texas I did know how to register for classes and it was very difficult.

When I came to Lane, there was a very big orientation in a large conference room and I felt safe. The International Programs staff taught me about everything including how to register for classes, how to use insurance and many other things. Lane is the best at this!

The people here at Lane are very friendly and they are always willing to help the international students.


Gina Picture

Name: Kwanmanus Thardomrong
From: Bangkok, Thailand

View Kwanmanus's video testimonial (English Version)!

View Kwanmanus's video testimonial (Thai Version)!

Hello, my name is Kwanmanus Thardomrong and you can call me Gina. I am from Bangkok, Thailand. I attended Sarasas Ektra High School in Bangkok. I have also studied in New Zealand and Canada.

I came to study at Lane Community College at the beginning of the Spring term – March 2015. I am majoring in Multimedia Design. My sister, Annie, came to study in Oregon and we planned to stay together so I looked for a good school in Eugene and I found Lane Community College. Lane is a very good school for me.

Wow. I really love the people in Eugene. I love when someone suddenly compliments someone on the street. They say, "Oh, I like your jeans so much," or "I like your dress." It is fun. I really like how they are friendly to each other and they say, "hi" to random strangers.

We have really good transportation in Eugene as well. It is easy to get around Eugene. I usually take a bus around the town. It is comfy – it is comfortable to get around by bus. It is not like the traffic in Bangkok. It is nice and quiet here. I like it!

I like the weather here. It is not too cold and it is not too hot.

I love how Lane takes care of students when we first arrive. Sometimes when I go to a new school I don't know what to do and I get lost. Lane has a good international programs department. They show you the way and help you know the proper way to do things. They give you good advice and everyone is very nice and helpful. Even though I've only been here for one term, I feel like I've been here for one year. I didn't get lost and the people at Lane always tried to help me and I'm happy!

I love how the people are very friendly. I like the professors. They are all really funny and the classes are not very big. During spring term I took photography class, writing class, mathematics and cardio kick-boxing.

My photography teacher, Dan Welton, was really open and he was willing to always help us and I was not afraid of him. He is really nice.

Lane Community College has a very good program and a good environment and it is a good place to start learning. Lane Community College is a good place to go!


Quang Nguyen Picture

Name: Quang Nguyen
From: Vietnam

View Quang's video testimonial (English Version)!

View Quang's video testimonial (Vietnam Version)!

Lane is a really good place to be. They have great facilities and equipment. The professors are really great. They do whatever they can to explain all of the course lessons and they will help you with your studies. I really like Eugene, Oregon because of the weather. The people in Eugene are really really friendly and will help you out. If you are planning to go the United States to study, I suggest that you come to Lane Community College.


Giang Vu Picture

Name: Giang
From: Vietnam

View Giang's video testimonial (English Version)!

View Giang's video testimonial (Vietnam Version)!

I really like Oregon and Lane Community College. The weather in Oregon is perfect. At Lane Community College we have a lot of chances to make new friends from all over the world. For example, I have a lot of friends from Japan, Korea, Malaysia and from Thailand and, of course, America too. Lane Community College is located in a peaceful and very beautiful place and you can concentrate on studying. We have a lot of activities for international students. We can go to the beach and we can go shopping. Oregon has tax-free shopping! Why don't you consider coming to study in the USA and I promise the Lane Community College will be a good choice.


Khanh Nguyen

Name: Khanh Nguyen
From: Vietnam

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