Nursing Integrative Practicum Program - Evaluation Process

  1. The student evaluation is divided into 10 major competencies. You will see these on the students Student Clinical Goals and Reflections. On your Clinical Notes for CTA & Faculty you will want to capture examples of how the student is engaging with the Competencies.
  2. At midterm, review the notes completed so far on the 10 competencies. Complete a mid-term evaluation conference with the student after approximately 12 days. Faculty will assist you to develop a plan for behavior change for the student if needed.
  3. At end of integrative practicum experience, review the summaries completed since midterm on the 10 competencies. Complete a final evaluation during the last 2 days of the preceptor experience. Faculty will provide you with an OCNE Clinical Competency Assessment Tool to give feedback on the student's clinical performance. You may also print this from directly from the link provided. Schedule a meeting time so faculty liaison can attend final evaluation.