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You understand the value of being transformed through education. Now you have the power to create opportunity and make a difference in someone else's life. Student success starts with you!

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Pledges and Payroll Deduction: This page does not allow for pledge set up or payroll deduction. Please contact us directly at (541) 463-5135 or

Celebration (Harvest Dinner) PaymentsPlease Do Not use this page to pay for tickets, sponsorships, event packages or anything Celebration related. Please contact us directly at (541) 463-5135 if you would like to use a credit card to pay anything related to our Fall scholarship fundraiser.

Tributes: Please populate the "Tributes" section if you are giving a gift in honor of a living individual or in memory of someone who has passed. Leave the "Tributes" section blank if there is no affiliated honorarium or memorial. Thank you.


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