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Film Studies


Make your future the main feature

What you’ll earn

By learning how to watch movies with a more careful eye, you’ll develop strong critical thinking skills that will help you in any career you pursue. You’ll have the option of taking classes like Film History, Film Genres (Horror, Comedy, Noir), Women Directors, and more! No matter if you’re interested in a degree in cinema studies or you’re just looking to take a few classes for fun, film classes will help you develop your analytical and storytelling skills.

Transfer Interest Area

Whether you’re interested in watching movies on a deeper level or learning how to make your own, Lane’s Film Studies program has the courses you need to get started. Program courses at Lane prepare you to transfer to complete a cinema studies degree or to fulfill elective requirements for other programs at Lane and four-year schools.

2 years Full-time
$15,408 Full program


  • Analyze film texts to hone your critical thinking skills
  • Develop discussion and presentation skills
  • Read and think deeply about complex issues
  • Collaborate with students on research and writing assignments
  • Understand cinematic movements and influences
  • Learn film history and cultural impact on different genres


If you think you might want to major in film and transfer to University of Oregon or elsewhere, our advisors will help you develop a transfer plan to get you to your goal. If you’re interested in transferring to the University of Oregon and pursuing Cinema Studies, our core courses, CINE 265, 266, and 267, transfer seamlessly. Our course on women directors, FA 264: Women Make Movies, fulfills a diversity requirement both at Lane and UO, and is offered every other spring. If you’re interested in pursuing your studies somewhere else, talk with your advisor about what classes and options you have!

If you’re interested in making films, you may want to consider the Multimedia Design program. Film studies courses fulfill some of the elective requirements for that program, and help you learn more about creating memorable films.

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