Event and Conference Accessibility

Spring Term is a great time for recruiting and new student events. At LCC, we want to make sure that these events are accessible to all persons who may want to attend. There are several easy things that you can do when planning your event to be sure that all participants have an equal opportunity to contribute and learn.

Include accessibility statements on all information given out about your event

An accessibility statement must go on all advertisements for your event or activity to ensure everyone can obtain accommodations for the event if needed. These accessibility statements can be found on the College Online Policy and Procedures pages (COPPS).

Create a needs-based assessment for what your participants may require

It is important to consider items such as:

  • Parking accessibility
  • How many rooms you may need
  • Accessible transportation from one area to the next
  • Making sure areas, such as your registration table, are accessible.

Anticipate room requirements and adjust accordingly

  • Offer accessible seating options throughout the room
  • Ensure that you have adequate audio so that everyone can hear things like guestspeakers, audience questions, and videos
  • Disclose the use of any bright lights, or loud elements in advance to allow thosewho might have adverse reactions to these items to make arrangements

By anticipating these needs and communicating accessibility options in advance, it will be easier for attendees to participate in your event without complications.

Accessible Campus Map

The LCC Campus map allows you to see all accessible features on our campus, such as accessible parking, ramps, and bathrooms including gender neutral bathrooms.

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