Structure and Function

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Every student who is currently enrolled in one or more credit classes on the main campus and has paid the student activity fee at Lane Community College is a member of the Lane Student Government Association (SGA). The Lane Community College Student Government Association (Lane SGA) is an organization of elected and appointed students who represent the student body.

Lane SGA Governing Documents

The Lane Student Government Association (SGA) is governed by several documents. The Lane SGA Constitution outlines the basic form of student government and may only be changed or updated by a vote of the student body. The Lane SGA By-Laws provide more specific information, such as job descriptions for student representatives, election rules, and other guidelines for Senate business and policies, and can be changed by a vote of the Senate at any SGA public Senate meeting. In addition to the Constitution and By-Laws, the SGA is also required to comply with all Lane Community College policies and procedures.

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The Lane SGA serves as the voice and representatives of the students on campus, in the community, on a state level, and a national level. The Lane SGA provides programs and services based on student needs and requests, which includes assisting with the Snack Shack, the (Clothing) Stash, and the Rainy Day Food Pantry. The Lane SGA budget allows the Lane SGA Senate to also provide limited funding for clubs, organizations, programs, and departments that request financial assistance. Groups interested in requesting funds from Lane SGA must complete the funds request form, found in Titan Communities under "Forms" in the Lane Student Government Association (SGA) portal. All funds requests must be completed via this form and have a representative from the requesting organization present at the Senate meeting where the request is being considered.


Fifteen representatives comprise the Lane SGA. The two elected executive officers are the President and the Vice President. The Senate consists of eight members, five general senators and three designated senators: President Pro-Tempore, Treasury Officer, and Inclusivity Officer. The staff consists of three appointed positions--Gender and Sexuality Diversity Advocate, Relations Coordinator, and Staff Director—and two elected positions--Council of Clubs Chair and Multicultural Program Advocate.

Duties of the SGA Executive Officers


  • Be responsible for the general operations of the SGA.
  • Be the official spokesperson for the Lane SGA and ASLCC.
  • Represent the students in matters of school administration.
  • Act as representation for the students in matters off-campus.
  • Manage student funded and operated resources on campus.
  • Communicate to students on events important to student life.
  • Strive for the equal and equitable inclusion of minority and majority groups of students.
  • Provide guidance and assistance to the Lane SGA as needed.
  • Ensure transparent and accountable fulfillment of Lane SGA duties to the ASLCC.
  • Promote sustainable student living (mental, emotional, material).
  • Nominate representatives for college governance councils.


  • Act as back-up in all roles and responsibilities to the President.
  • Act as chair for Senate meetings.
  • Hold weekly check-in meetings with each Senator.
  • Work with the President Pro-Tempore to keep track of all Senate work hours and committee reports.
  • Work with the President Pro-Tempore to manage Senate and aid in the execution of their duties.

Duties of Senate


  • Attend all public Senate meetings and private work session meetings.
  • Participate in senate votes regarding:
    • The disbursement of all Lane SGA expenditures brought forth for consideration by the Senate.
    • Approval of the proposed budget for the ensuing year.
    • The determination of policies and rules for Lane SGA.
  • Maintain an open line of communication between the students and the Senate by:
    • Attending LCC student group events and/or meetings.
    • Establishing and posting regular office hours.
    • Participating in outreach among student traffic areas.
    • Engaging in scheduled class talks to promote SGA elections.
  • Assume positions on appropriate Lane SGA and college committees, councils, and commissions.
  • If you are interested in applying for a senate position, then fill out the application Titan Communities.

President Pro-Tempore

  • Act as the intermediary between the Senators and the Executive Officers when necessary.
  • Create agendas that must be given to the President, or staff member, to be distributed to the Lane SGA at least 36 hours prior to the public Senate meeting for which they pertain.

Inclusivity Officer

  • Consider and speak to the goal of inclusion of marginalized communities during Senate decisions.
  • Represent marginalized communities and keep the Senate aware of any ongoing efforts and/or requests for assistance.

Treasury Officer

  • Consider and speak to the fiscal responsibility of Senate decisions.
  • Monitor the Lane SGA account(s).
  • Keep the Lane SGA financial records and ledger.
  • Assist with writing of funds requests to any students wanting help.
  • Assist the President with ensuring stipend payments and funding is reported in an accurate and timely manner.

Duties of Executive Staff

Lane SGA Staff Director

  • Conduct oneself in a professional and respectable manner.
  • Advise and review Lane SGA budget records in collaboration with the Treasury Officer and Lane SGA Advisor.
  • Act as office manager for the Lane SGA.
  • Assist the President in overseeing the professional and timely completion of other members projects.
  • Attend meetings with administrators and student groups when the Executive team is unable to do so.
  • Conduct weekly check-ins with each staff member of the Lane SGA.
  • Track hours and sign off on work completion of the staff.
  • Prepare procedural documents for the Student Government Association.
  • Provide advice and researched opinions when necessary to the SGA Executive team.
  • Advise and assist Executive Staff with initiatives and responsibilities.
  • Publicly support the agenda and mission of the Lane SGA.
  • Attend all work sessions and Senate meetings and report relevant findings between staff and Senate.
  • Keep meeting minutes during Senate meetings for recall if needed.
  • Chair the Governing Documents Committee meetings.

SGA Gender Sexuality Diversity Advocate

  • Act as an alternate to attend and represent the Lane SGA on the Oregon Student Equal Rights Alliance (OSERA) board.
  • Act as an alternate to work with the OSERA chapter in all campaigns run at the statewide and campus wide levels.
  • Attend and represent the Lane SGA on the LCC Diversity Council.
  • Work with the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) student group and the Gender Equity Center (GEC) to establish and support community, events and programs on campus.
  • Work with the Multicultural Program Advocate (MPA) to create/maintain a safe space per LCC and SGA policy.
  • Advocate for and develop programs/policies addressing gender and LGBTQ+ issues within LGBTQ+ community.
  • Monitor policies that affect relevant communities on and off campus and advise the Lane SGA Executive team on current or upcoming issues.

SGA Relations Coordinator

  • Advise the Lane SGA Executive team on public relation issues.
  • Coordinate Student Government Association’s participation in special events on and off campus.
  • Maintain contact with the organizations, and programs but not limited to: SAFC, Governance Councils, Council of Clubs, Identity Unions, other student groups, OSA, and OSPiRG.
  • Inform the Student Government Association of programs and events across campus.
  • Collaborate on campus-wide events and initiatives as deemed appropriate.
  • Create posters and externally facing documents for the SGA and associated events.
  • Coordinate press needs with the institutions’ Directors of Public Relations & Marketing Specialists.
  • Maintain the SGA web pages, Titan Communities portal, other communications, and marketing of social media.
  • Proactively communicate and promote SGA initiatives, policies, decisions, and events to the campus community.
  • Manage media inquiries and interview requests.
  • Distribute all official ASLCC information and publications, including: Election materials, press releases, and any other publication or media that can reach ASLCC members effectively.

Multicultural Programs Advocate

  • Act as the chairperson for meetings of the Union of Unions (UoU).
  • Coordinate communications between the UoU and cultural identity groups and the SGA.
  • Act as an alternate to attend and represent the SGA on the Oregon Students of Color Conference (OSCC) board.
  • Act as an alternate to work with the OSCC chapter in all campaigns run at the statewide and campus wide levels.
  • Attend and represent the Lane SGA on the LCC Diversity Council.
  • Work with the Gender and Sexual Diversity Advocate (GSDA) to create/maintain a safe space per LCC and Lane SGA policy.
  • Advocate for and develop programs/policies addressing cultural diversity.
  • Monitor policies that affect relevant communities on and off campus and advise the SGA Executive team on current or upcoming issues.

Council of Clubs Chair

  • Preside over the Council of Clubs meetings and ensure they run in an orderly and timely fashion with effort made to attend all agenda items.
  • The chair works with the advisor to coordinate and plan club events.
  • Other additional responsibilities may be assigned to the position in the future.