VA Education Benefits Certification Information - Chapter 31: VA Vocational Rehabilitation

Eligibility Requirements and Documents Required - 
Chapter 31: Veteran Readiness and Employment

Contact the local VA Readiness and Employment office and they will assist you with answering questions and informing you of the steps needed to apply for the program.

Anyone who is applying for benefits or has general question needs to contact the local VR&E office at this email:

Phone: (503) 412-4577
Jonathan Penna, VREO:

Response time will vary depending on the individual's workload. VA specialists determine eligibility for Chapter 31 benefits and assist with instructions and establishing your rehabilitation plan.

Lane Community College will advise your VA counselor of your enrollment status each term. Always keep your VA counselor and the LCC Veterans Office informed of any issues that arise. New CH 31 students must check in with the LCC Veterans Office to get your school file established and obtain instructions of how to get enrollments certified to the VA.