Institutional Effectiveness Commission

About IEC

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The Institutional Effectiveness Commission engages the campus community in understanding of mission fulfillment and institutional indicators; assesses the effectiveness of the College’s planning, improvement, and assessment systems and structures; evaluates progress toward mission fulfillment; and provides information and recommendations to the campus and community. 

The IEC accomplishes its work by reviewing and providing recommendations about sponsored workflows/initiatives in these areas:

  • Accreditation
  • Assessment
  • Data governance
  • Key performance indicators
  • Process improvement
  • Program effectiveness, management, and review
  • Other duties as assigned by the sponsor


The IEC is recruiting for the Horizon Scan Subcommittee. During this short-term literature review and writing project we will research trends that are expected to impact Lane, relying on existing high-quality research. Then we will compile the info, write a very concise high-level report with major trends that are very likely to have a large impact on Lane within 2-3 years, and share it with Lane stakeholders. To learn more, read the project plan. To join us, please email Tammie Stark, IEC Chair at

    Read the charter, minutes and view the work plan below.

    Overview of IEC

    Oct 2022 Overview of Institutional Effectiveness Commission (IEC)


    Below are the members of the Institutional Effectiveness Commission (IEC). Members serve for two (2) years & may be appointed to consecutive terms.

    Committee membership is composed of representatives from all areas of the college: faculty, staff, students, and management. Some members are by position, while others are by rotating assignment.

    Executive Sponsors (ex officio members by position; non-voting): 

    • Shelley Tinkham, Vice President Academic Affairs (VPAA) 
    • Colman Joyce, Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) 
    • Susan Fahey, Interim Vice President Finance and Operations (VPFO)

    IEC Members:

    • Jennifer Frei, Associate Vice President - Arts and Sciences, Guided Pathways | VP Academic & Student Affairs Office
    • Grant Matthews, Associate Vice President, Career Technical Education & Workforce Development
    • Linh Ta, Student Representative
    • Karen Krumrey-Fulks, Faculty Arts and Humanities
    • Bliss Newton, Project Coordinator, Student Affairs
    • Buck Potter, Maintenance Worker, Facilities Management and Planning
    • Jen Sacklin, English as a Second Language Faculty; Career Pathways Faculty; Career Pathways Classified
    • Mike Sims, Project Coordinator, Arts and Sciences and Guided Pathways
    • Tammie Stark, Project Manager, PIE, IEC Chair
    • Cathy Thomas, Institutional Research, PIE
    • Randy Ware, Faculty Assessment Coordinator, Office of Curriculum and Assessment (OCA)
    • Brandon Gibson, Business Intelligence Developer, IT
    • Kate Sullivan, APROC Chair, English Faculty 
    • Douglas Young, Chemistry Faculty  
    • Khristina Fuller, Project Coordinator, High School Connections and Cooperative Education
    • Guided Pathways appointee (vacant)
    • LCCEF appointee (vacant)
    • VPFO appointee (vacant)
    • VPFO appointee (vacant)
    • VPSA appointee (vacant)