Release of Records

A federal privacy law, called the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, prevents colleges from releasing information about accounts, financial aid, or student grade and scheduling records to anyone but the student.

The college has identified certain "directory" information that can be released to a third party without a student's expressed permission. Review Lane's FERPA policy.

Student Information Release:

Lane Community College offers students a method to allow others to discuss some FERPA protected information, as well as place a confidentiality hold on all student related information.

Information Release Password - allows others to discuss financial aid, accounts, or registration status information with college staff.

Confidentiality Hold - makes ALL records confidential unless student provides the release password or photo ID in person.

How to set this up: Login to ExpressLane, and go to Enrollment and Student Financial Services, Student Records, click on "Student Information Release."

More Details/Definitions/Limitations:

Information Release Password

If you would like a third party (such as a parent or spouse) to access limited information such as your account information, you may use the Student Information Release in myLane to provide Lane with a password you can share with others. In this case, only complete the bottom portion of the form. Individuals with your password must offer your password when contacting Enrollment Services and the password must match exactly what you have provided. We can not assist a third party with billing or financial aid information without this password. Your myLane password will not function as the release password. Your grades or class schedule will not be released, even with this password.

Confidentiality Hold

If you do not want "directory" information released, you must complete the entire Student Information Release form in ExpressLane. This will place a confidential block indicator on your records at Lane.

  • When you call Lane, the person answering will respond "There is no information available on that person"
  • You will not be prompted for a password, and will need to volunteer it if you created one. This is to ensure that we give no indication that you are a student, or give someone a chance to guess.
  • If you come for service in person, you will be asked to verify your identity with photo ID
  • Your name will not appear on honor roll listings or in the graduation booklet
  • Instructors may not list your name on distributed class lists or call your name out loud for attendance
  • When an employer or other individuals use the National Clearinghouse service to verify attendance or degrees, your information will not be available