Concurrent Enrollment at the UO

Lane international students have a wonderful opportunity to concurrently enroll at another university!

Students can take classes at any school while they study at Lane Community College, but many of them take classes at University of Oregon. If you are going to take some classes at UO, please see the UO - Concurrent Enrollment page and follow the instructions.

Program Benefits

  • Taking a class that is not available at Lane. (Upper division, different language, etc.)
  • Taking one or two classes at other schools so that you can get to know the campus culture before committing to transferring there.
  • Saving Money! The classes are generally at a lower tuition rate if you dual enroll from Lane rather than transfer there!
  • Earn credits that count towards your Associate's and Bachelor's degree at the same time without losing the right to do OPT after your Lane Associate's and your Bachelor's degree!

Important items to remember

  • You must maintain at least 12 credits of which 6 credits MUST be at Lane.
  • Of those 6 credits at Lane, one class must be on campus. 
  • One online class allowed between both schools of the 12 credit minimum.
  • Eight credits minimum must be in a classroom on campus.
  • International ESL students are not eligible to participate in this program. International ESL students are required to take all coursework at Lane.
  • You are required to turn in your class schedule at other school to the Lane International Programs by the second Wednesday of the term or you will NOT be registered in SEVIS, which means you will be out of status. Your class schedule must include your name.
  • Use the form below to upload your class schedule
  • At the end of the term, you must turn in the final grades from your courses to the Lane International Programs by 2:00 pm on Friday, the week after finals week. In order to maintain status you must achieve a C- or better in at least 12 credits. Your class schedule must include your name. If you do not provide your transcript by the deadline, you might be placed in the Success Program or get disqualified from Lane.

Use this form to upload your schedule/grade

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