the learning garden on a cloudy spring day

Get Involved!

You can make a difference!

student watering plants in the learning garden

Join the Sustainability Committee to help make LCC more eco-friendly.

Borrow a bike for free to commute to campus with our Bike Lane Bicycle Loan Program.

Join the Learning Garden Club to meet other students and grow organic food right here on campus.

Suffering from eco-anxiety? You're not alone. Visit the Mental Health and Wellness Center to find resources and support.

And if you like science, you'll love the Green Chemistry Club, which "saves the world, one reaction at a time." Email for more info.

Watch an environmental documentary through one of our free streaming services through the Lane Library.

Or learn more about sustainability at Lane through our Climate Action Plan, our Metrics and Data, our Stars Rating, or our Bee Campus Certification.

an instructor teaching sustainability in a garden bed

Lane Employee Opportunities

Interested in promoting and supporting the integration of Lane's sustainability core values into campus and the community? Consider joining the Sustainability Committee, pledging sustainable practices in the office through the Green Office Program, or applying for a renewable energy funds with Lane's Green Revolving Door Fund.


Contact Institute for Sustainable Practices

Lane Community College
Institute for Sustainable Practices
4000 East 30th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97405
8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday-Friday
(LCC is closed on Fridays in the summer)