Featured Monthly Scholarships

Featured Monthly Scholarships

These scholarships are just a tiny, tiny sampling of the thousands of national scholarships available. Visit our Scholarship Search Sites page to access a comprehensive list of scholarship sites and databases.

March Scholarships

Due Date Scholarship $Award Eligibility
03/01 OSAC $Varies Oregon Resident
03/01 The Ford Family Foundation $Varies Oregon Resident
03/01 American Agri Women $1,000 Women/Agriculture
03/01 Foster Care to Success $Varies Foster Care
03/01 Oregon Scottish Rite $Varies Oregon Resident
03/02 The Lane Foundation $Varies Lane Student
03/02 Udall Undergraduate $7,000 Native American
03/02 Ben Selling $Varies GPA 3.5 Min
03/09 Gilman McCain $5,000 Study Abroad
03/15 IFEC $Varies Food/Communication
03/24 Chin Shui Ikauen and Allen Chin $1,000 Asian/Pacific Islander
03/31 Oregon PTA $500 Education
03/31 PlumbersStock $2,000 Plumbing
03/31 Nuts and Bolts $Varies Manufacturing
03/31 IFDEAF $Varies Interior Design
03/31 NW Community Credit Union $1,000




April Scholarships

Due Date Scholarship $Award Eligibility
04/01 Project Yellow Light $8,000 Video/Resident US
04/01 Audria M. Edwards $Varies LGBTQI
04/01 Frame My Future $Varies Legal Resident
04/01 MG James Ursano $Varies Army Under 24
04/01 Orchard Scholarship $Varies Video/Women STEM
04/07 AIGA World Studio $Varies Art/Design
04/14 Work Ethic (Mike Rowe) $Varies Trades Program
04/15 Incight $Varies Disability
04/15 Oregon Nurseries Foundation $1,000 Forestry
04/15 HomeLight Scholarship $1,000 Major Vaires
04/17 EPUD $3,000 EPUD Customer
04/17 STEMINIST Scholarship $Varies Female/Engineering
04/28 IWSH Essay Scholarship $2,000 Full Time/Essay
04/30 Digital E Waste $1,000 US Citizen/Resident
04/30 Shawn Carter $2,500 US Citizen/Under 25