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A scholarship is a financial gift (free money!) awarded to students who demonstrate that they will be successful in their education, career, and life. Every student has a chance for a scholarship, but you have to apply!

Once you start searching, you'll see that there are scholarships available for all types of students, including You!
We'll not only help you find scholarships that fit you and your goals, but also help you submit compelling applications that tell Your story.

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    Strategies and Tips to be a Strong Applicant

    Use this section to learn tips and strategies related to organizing your scholarship search, gathering transcripts and letters of recommendation, identifying your activities and experiences, and writing powerful personal statements/essays.

    Scholarship Search Sites

    We’ve compiled some excellent FREE scholarship sites, databases, and search engines to help you find scholarships that fit you and your goals.

    Check out our full list of scholarship search sites

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    I want to apply for college funding and scholarships! Tell me what to do next…so I don’t get overwhelmed.

    1. Submit the FAFSA or ORSAA for the current and/or upcoming year. If you’re not sure if you should file the FAFSA or ORSAA, use this tool to help you decide which form to submit.
    2. If you'll be transferring to another college this coming Fall, browse that college's website and/or contact their financial aid office to find out about their scholarships and deadlines. You'll need to apply for admission early to these colleges in order to be considered for scholarships.
    3. Determine--immediately--what Transcripts are required by each scholarship you want apply for, as you may need to get transcripts from prior colleges, high school, and/or GED, along with your LCC transcript.
    4. Review our Strategies and Tips to Be a Strong Applicant.
    5. Use our Featured Scholarships by Monthly Deadline link to see if you are eligible for some highlighted national scholarships.
    6. Devote time to review our Scholarship Search Sites to discover national scholarship search engines, databases, and opportunities that fit you and your goals.
    7. How do scholarships affect my federal financial aid awards? How do I receive the money each term? Select this link to find out....

    At any point in the process, contact us for help! We’ll support you at every step!

    Need Scholarship Assistance?

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    Contact the Scholarship Office

    Need help with any part of the scholarship process? Just stop by! We'd love to help. 

    Looking for a more in-depth review of your application? An appointment might be best. Send us an email and we'll schedule one!

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