Employee Benefits - Part-Time Faculty

General Information About Part-Time Credit Faculty Compensation And Benefits

For questions, call Human Resources at ext. 5586

Table of Contents

  • Absence without pay
  • Annuity
  • Employee Directory
  • ExpressLane
  • In-Service
  • Insurance
  • New Hire Forms
  • Opening of Positions
  • Payday
  • PERS (Public Employees Retirement System)
  • Salary Schedule
  • Sick Leave
  • Summer Term
  • Tuition Waivers
  • Union
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance
  • Workload

Under what circumstances should I take absence-without-pay?

If you need to be gone and have no paid leave time available, the hours absent should be reported as AWOP on your timesheet. You will not be paid for hours reported as absent-without-pay.

Tax Sheltered Annuities and Deferred Compensation (administered by CCC)

This voluntary benefit offers a list of Tax Sheltered Annuity and Deferred Compensation providers for employees to contribute additional dollars to a personal retirement account. Contributions are made through payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis under IRS tax codes 403(b) and 457.

Effective January 1, 2017 contributions to a post-tax personal retirement account are available under IRS tax code 403(b), also known as a "Roth 403(b)".

This is an interactive all staff directory (listed by individuals or departments).

What is ExpressLane?

ExpressLane is a full-service module for employees to access:

  • Enrollment Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Employee Services
  • Personal Information
  • Financial Information

Just a reminder: You will need to contact the Information Technology department to schedule a training time to access ExpressLane.

How many hours of in-service activities should I attend?

If you are a member of the bargaining unit (see definition under union), up to a specified amount (as defined in the current faculty contract) of in-service hours will be scheduled for you by your division chair. Your division chair shall be considerate of your other obligations when scheduling these in-service activities for you. You may choose to participate in additional in-service activities.

If you are not a member of the bargaining unit, you are not expected to attend in-service activities. You may, however, choose to participate in departmental or college in-service activities.

Do I receive pay for attending in-service activities?

If you are a member of the bargaining unit, you will be paid for the in-service activities that your division chair schedules for you. You will not be paid for additional in-service activities in which you choose to participate.

If you are not a member of the bargaining unit, you will not be paid for in-service activities in which you choose to participate.

How do I become eligible for insurance (medical, vision, dental) coverage?

  1. Teach the equivalent of 15 credit hours over the previous 4 terms and scheduled to be part of the bargaining unit (.200 FTE or greater) the current term.
  2. Teach the equivalent of 5 credit hours (or .333 FTE) the previous term and scheduled to teach at least 5 credit hours (or .333 FTE) the current term.

Once eligible, part-time employees maintain eligibility one of four ways:

  1. Work 3 credit hours or more (or .200 FTE) each consecutive term.
  2. Work a total of 1.2 FTE or greater cumulatively for the immediate two previous consecutive terms. Eligibility is maintained for the subsequent third term regardless of assignment.
  3. Work a total of 1.2 FTE or greater cumulatively for the immediate three previous consecutive terms. Eligibility is maintained for the subsequent fourth term regardless of assignment.
  4. Work a total 1.2 FTE or greater cumulatively in any two of the immediate four previous consecutive terms. Eligibility is maintained for the subsequent consecutive two terms regardless of assignment.

Important Note: The eligibility criteria described above do not apply to Lane Aviation Academy flight instructors. Consult your faculty contract.

When does my insurance coverage start?

Insurance coverage is effective on the first day of the month.

  • Fall term insurance provides coverage for November, December, and January
  • Winter term insurance provides coverage for February, March, and April
  • Spring term insurance provides coverage for May, June, and July
  • Summer term insurance provides coverage for August, September, and October

Do I have a choice of insurance carriers?

Yes. There are five plans provided by MODA. These plan options include medical/vision/dental insurance. Consult the Part-time Faculty Benefits page for an overview of the benefits available.

Can I purchase insurance coverage for my family?

Yes, if you are eligible for insurance coverage, you may opt to purchase dependent medical insurance coverage through payroll deduction. Eligible dependents are spouse/domestic partner and dependent children under age 26.

How do I sign up?

If you are eligible for insurance, you will be contacted by Human Resources and be provided with an insurance information packet.

If I lose my insurance coverage, how do I regain eligibility?

Anytime you have a break in insurance coverage, you must re-establish eligibility through the contract provisions as outlined in the first section above.

If I lose my insurance coverage, can I purchase coverage?

Yes, the group insurance plan includes a continuation provision (COBRA), which allows employees and their eligible dependents to continue participation in the plan in event of an employee's termination, retirement, or reduction of hours. If you lose coverage, a Termination of Group Insurance Coverage form will be mailed to your home address. This form will explain the costs and payment procedures.

Section 125 Flexible Spending Account (administered by iSolved Benefit Services)

This voluntary benefit offers employees the opportunity to have money deducted from payroll on a pre-tax basis for reimbursement of eligible medical, dental, vision, and/or daycare expenses.

As a new employee, what forms do I need to sign?

Your department will give you the following forms to sign and return:

  1. Please complete, date and sign the form W-4 Employees withholding allowance certificate
  2. Please complete, date, and sign the Personal Information Form
  3. You will need to provide proof of identity and employment eligibility to your department before you sign the I-9 form
  4. Lane Community College Information Confidentiality Statement
  5. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) regulations statement
  6. Please review the Part-time Credit Faculty Statement of Appointment. This form provides information about your teaching assignment, salary, and insurance eligibility.

Lane Aviation Academy flight instructors will be asked to complete, date, and sign the Lane Aviation Academy Instructor Placement Data Sheet.

Important: You will need to contact the Information Technology department as soon as possible to schedule a training to access ExpressLane.

I'm interested in a permanent teaching position. How can I find out about contracted faculty openings?

All contracted faculty openings are posted on the bulletin board outside the Human Resources office, are listed on the Human Resources website, are published in the staff newsletter, and are on the Job-Line at 541-463-5586.

When do I receive my paychecks?

Payday is the 10th and 25th of each month. If the 10th or 25th falls on a weekend or a college holiday, payday is the last working day prior to the weekend or holiday.

How do I use Lane's Automatic Direct Deposit?

You need to complete, date, and sign the Direct Payroll Deposit Authorization form and attach a voided check or written verification of the financial institution's routing number and your account number. These forms can be obtained from and should be returned to Human Resources. You may have your money deposited into several different accounts at different financial institutions.

How do I access my pay stubs?

By logging on to ExpressLane, choosing Employee Services from the main menu and choosing the pay stubs selection.

NOTE: If you have direct deposit, you will not receive a pay stub in the mail. Your pay stubs are only available through ExpressLane.

What deductions will be taken out of my paycheck?

Employees will have all mandatory payroll deductions taken out of their checks. In addition, part-time faculty who are members of the bargaining unit will have Lane Community College Education Association dues or "fair share" contribution deducted. Employees can also authorize semi-monthly voluntary payroll deductions to tax-deferred annuities, United Way, the Foundation, KLCC or health insurance beyond the college paid amount.

How do I become a member of the Public Employees Retirement System?

In order to be eligible for PERS membership, an employee of a community college must work 600 eligible hours per calendar year. If you satisfy this standard, you will become eligible for membership after completing a 6-month waiting period. Once you establish membership, the College will pay the 6% employee contribution for you each pay period. If you consistently fall below the 600-hour level of employment you will lose PERS eligibility and LCC's contributions will stop. You may withdraw the 6% contributions made to your account but if you do, you will have a new 6 month waiting period if you become re-employed in a qualifying position.

If you are already an active member of PERS or the IAP program through another employer, please notify Human Resources so that LCC can begin membership contributions immediately.

Is there a standard salary schedule for part-time instructors?

Yes, there are two part-time faculty salary schedules. Continuing Education instructors are paid from a separate, noncredit salary schedule. Current salary schedules are available on the payroll information website.

How will my original entry Step Category placement be determined?

Human Resources will review your application and transcripts and place you according to the level placement guidelines as stated in the faculty contract.

How will my original step placement be determined?

Individuals who hold at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution will be granted 1 step for each full year of applicable work experience.

Individuals who do not hold the BA degree will be granted 1 step for each 2 full years of verified applicable experience away from Lane Community College. For purposes of this section, a 4-year learning and training period plus 3 years of journeyman experience will be considered equivalent to a BA degree for occupational education instructors; however, the experience counted toward level placement will not be counted for step placement.

A maximum 5 additional steps will be provided for relevant work experience.

How do I move up a step on the salary schedule?

You will automatically move up one step every time you complete the equivalent of 21 hours of instruction. Step increases are granted at the beginning of the next term.

Lane Aviation Academy instructors will automatically move up one step on the salary schedule every time they complete 500 hours of paid time or the accomplishment of the FAA certification as listed in the faculty contract.

How do I accumulate sick leave?

If you are a bargaining unit member, you will accrue sick leave. The amount of sick leave you accrue is pro-rated based on your FTE.

How will I know how much sick leave I have accrued?

You will need to log onto ExpressLane; choose Employee Services from the menu; choose "Leave Balances and History"

Do I lose pay if I am sick?

If you have sick leave hours to use, you will not lose any of your salary. If you do not have sick leave hours to use, you will lose salary for the hours you are absent. Hours absent from work due to illness should be entered on your timesheet in ExpressLane as either sick leave taken or AWOP (absent without pay).

How are the workload limitations different for part-time faculty during summer term?

During summer term there are no workload limitations on part-time faculty assignments. See the Workload section for explanation of academic year workload limitations.

Am I eligible for a tuition waiver?

Yes, all part-time credit faculty members working .200 FTE or greater shall be eligible. for tuition waiver, which shall be 1 class per term, and which may be taken anytime that term or the next 3 following terms. Such tuition waivers, and tuition waivers for family members of part-time faculty, may be accrued but must be used within each fiscal year cycle (July-June annually) beginning with summer term and ending with spring term each year. All tuition waivers earned or accrued in winter or spring terms must be used by the immediate following summer term and shall not be accrued or carried forward into the next academic year. Employees applying to Human Resources shall be granted an exception that allows accrued waivers to be used beyond the fiscal year. Applications to Human Resources for accrual exceptions must be made by June 30, annually.

How do I apply for a tuition waiver?

  1. Pick up the Tuition waiver form from your department or Human Resources
  2. Complete, date, and sign the form
  3. Obtain Division Chair approval and signature
  4. Register for the class
  5. Take the form to Human Resources for approval

A new form will need to be completed and turned in each term.

Are my family members eligible for tuition-free classes?

Yes. Family/Partner tuition waiver benefits are extended to qualified dependents defined as a qualified spouse, domestic partner, persons for whom the employee is a legal guardian, or an IRS dependent. The waiver may be applied during the term the part-time faculty member is teaching or in the subsequent 3 terms.

How does my family member apply for a tuition waiver?

  1. Pick up the Family Tuition Waiver form from your department or Human Resources
  2. Complete, date, and sign form
  3. Have family member register for the class
  4. Take the form to Human Resources for approval

When do I become a member of the faculty bargaining unit?

Detailed information on the faculty union and eligibility as a bargaining unit member is available on the LCCEA website, or you may contact LCCEA Membership Chair, Wendy Simmons. Wendy is available to answer any questions you have regarding union benefits and membership. To join the union complete the online form.

How much does it cost to join the LCC Education Association?

LCCEA Membership Chair, Wendy Simmons, can provide you with more detail on what your dues would be. If you join the Association, dues will be deducted from your semi-monthly paychecks on a post-tax basis.

Can I be a member of the faculty bargaining unit without joining the LCC Education Association?

As a bargaining unit member you will have the same legal rights under the faculty contract as a member of the Association except that you will not have the right to vote in the Association or hold office in the Association nor will you be covered by the Association's liability insurance coverage.

What happens if I am injured on the job?

If you suffer an on-the-job accident or illness, report it to your supervisor that same day, no matter how slight the injury.

If you seek medical attention or lose time from work due to the accident/illness, contact Human Resources for more information about worker's compensation insurance coverage.

How is my workload calculated?

Your workload (FTE) is calculated as a percentage of a full-time workload in your department.

As an example, if a full-time workload for an instructor in your department is 15 credits per term and you are hired to teach 3 credits, your workload for that term is 3/15 or .200 FTE.

As an example, if a full-time workload for an instructor in your department is 24 contact hours per week and you are hired to teach 10 contact hours, your workload for that term is 10/24 or .417 FTE.

If you don't know what a full-time workload is in your department, contact your Division Chair for information.

Are there workload limits for part-time faculty?

Yes. Refer to Article 34.5.3 of the faculty contract.

Can I teach in more than one department?

Yes, you may teach in more than one department. Refer to Article 34 of the faculty contract for annualized workload limitations.

Can I have a second, non-instructional job?

Dependent upon your faculty assignment, this may limit whether or not you are eligible to work in a non-instructional job (See College Online Policies and Procedures). Hours worked as a classified employee will not be used to calculate your annualized faculty workload.

Is there a workload limit for summer term?

No, because Summer term FTE is not used in the calculation of annualized workload.

How is workload (FTE) used to calculate salary?

Your salary will be based on your term FTE multiplied by the full-time term salary for your assigned level and step.

For Flight Instruction, your pay will be based on the hourly rate assigned for your level and step.

How is FTE calculated?

Your workload percentage is converted to its equivalent on the 15 credit hour scale before your pay is calculated.

As an example, if you teach 4 credits in a department with a full-time workload of 12 credits, your workload percentage is .333 FTE and your credit hour equivalent will be calculated as: .333 FTE x 15 credits = 5 credits

As an example, if you teach 10 contact hours per week in a department with a full-time workload of 24 contact hours, your workload percentage is .417 FTE, and your credit hour equivalent will be calculated as: .417 FTE x 15 credits = 6.25 credits.

Is my credit hour equivalent used for anything besides salary calculations?

Yes, credit hour equivalents are used to determine eligibility for automatic step increases, insurance coverage, and sick leave accrual.