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What you'll earn

Through literature courses at Lane, you’ll explore the ways literature is used to explore the human condition and build critical thinking and close reading skills along the way.

Transfer Interest Area

Through our literature courses, you'll develop textual analysis and composition skills that will help you stand out when you transfer to complete your four-year degree. Coursework features inquiry and discussion-based learning that focuses on critical reading

2 years Full-time
$15,408 Full program


  • Focus on critical thinking; explicitly on perspective taking and issues of diversity
  • Textual analysis through close reading
  • Engagement of theory and methodologies
  • Inquiry and discussion- based learning (“flipped classrooms”)
  • Engaging in creative and non-instrumental ways of knowing
  • Writing intensive and multimodal composition formats


Programs may require at least one literature class, whether you’re planning on transferring to a four-year school or completing your degree at Lane. Literature studies help strengthen skills of inquiry and analysis to prepare for any field. Some of our students continue their literature studies with plans to teach or to continue onto graduate school. The Oregon Arts Transfer Degree (AAOT) will help you take the classes you need to transfer to a four-year institution to earn your degree and launch your career. Because the AAOT is a transfer degree, you’ll take a wide variety of classes in math, science, arts & letters, and more, preparing you for junior level status at most Oregon four-year schools.

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Faculty Spotlights

Aryn Bartley

Teaches drama literature courses that explore world plays from Greek dramas to Shakespeare and modern plays

Russell Shitabata

Teaches how comics and graphic novels are used to inform and emotionally engage audiences

Jennifer Von Ammon

Teaches an introduction to fiction literature from various time periods and cultures

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