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Health, Medical, and Fitness


If you’re interested in helping people get better or live a more healthy life, this is the career community for you! View our classes, programs, transfer areas and careers related health education, exercise and fitness, direct and indirect patient care in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare settings, and more!

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Learn more about the different degrees & certificates.

  • 1-yr certificate A short term training that prepares you to immediately start in an entry level position or continue on to an associate degree.
  • Associate A two-year degree program that prepares you to enter the workforce.
  • Career Pathway Certificate A 12-44 credit program embedded within a larger program to acknowledge proficiency in specific technical skills and to offer a pathway to additional education and career advancement.
  • Transfer A focused two-year degree that prepares you to transfer as a specific major in a four-year bachelor's degree program.
  • Non-Credit Training Non-credit training prepares you for professional careers that don't require certificates or degrees.

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