Concurrent Enrollment with University of Oregon FAQ

How do I register for a UO course as a CEP student?

You must first complete the CEP Registration Eligibility form to get a Personal Access Code (PAC) and student ID number. Your PAC and student ID number will be sent to you via postal mail within five to ten business days after completing this form. Please note this may take several weeks for international mailings. Registration is done online through DuckWeb, a secure registration system.

When can I register?

After you have received your PAC and student ID number, you may register for courses once the CEP registration window has opened. Check the CEP calendar for registration dates.

Can I take more than 8 credits?

CEP students are limited to a maximum of 8 credits per term, including both undergraduate and graduate level courses during fall, winter, and spring terms. This credit limit is set by the UO Provost and cannot be waived. During summer term, students are eligible to register for more credits. Students wishing to register for more than 8 credits during the regular academic year should apply for formal admission.

How much does it cost to take a class at UO?

CEP students pay tuition per credit. Please check the CEP tuition and fee table for UO tuition prices.

If I can't fill out the CEP Registration Eligibility form online, what are the alternatives?

You can request CEP registration status any of the following ways:

Call the CEP office at (541) 346-5614 and complete the form over the phone, to receive registration information via postal mail.Visit the Community Education Program office at 975 High Street, suite 110 and complete the form. CEP staff will fax your completed form to the Office of the Registrar for processing.Visit the Office of the Registrar in 220 Oregon Hall and complete the form. You may receive your registration information and PAC in-person by providing photo ID with your completed form at the Office of the Registrar if it is during the appropriate part of the registration cycle. If it is not possible to receive your registration information and PAC immediately, it will be mailed to you.