Contact Health Professions

Mailing Address:

Lane Community College
Health Professions
4000 East 30th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97405

Division Office:
Location - 
Building 30, Lower Level, West Hallway
Division Office Phone: (541) 463-5617
Fax: (541) 463-4151
Email: Health Professions Office

Dental Clinic Phone: (541) 463-5206

Listed below are major contact personnel for each department area, with email links provided. Due to the large number of faculty and staff in this department a comprehensive list is unmanageable. Please contact the Program Coordinator or Administrative staff as needed.

Faculty and Staff


Cory Miner, Division Dean
Jen Tavernier, DNP, RN, CCM, Associate Dean, Director of Nursing
Emily Shaw, Division Coordinator
Anna Scott, PMP, Operations Analyst
Tammy Burbee, Nursing Project Specialist
Tara Deacon, Health, PE, and FEC Project Specialist
Cynthia Dietz, Administrative & Technology Specialist
Tyler McFall, Purchasing Project Specialist
Xavier Lara, Non-Credit Project Coordinator
Marleena Pearson, EMS & PTA Project Specialist
Kirsten Rawding, M.Ed., Marketing and Outreach Project Specialist
Kathy Torvik, DA/DH/MA/HIM Project Specialist

Advising and Counseling:

Counseling and Advising for Health Professions Students
Services are available to assist you with term planning and meeting program and application requirements.

Dental Clinic:

Melanie Davis, Dental Clinic Admin Support, Administrative Support Specialist  

Dental Assisting:

Leslie Greer, CDA, EFDA, EFODA, BAS, Coordinator; Office: 30/226; (541) 463-5638

Dental Hygiene:

Michelle Cummins, RDH, BSDH, M.Ed., Coordinator; Office: 19/247; (541) 463-5752

EMT & Paramedic:

Kris Siewert, Coordinator; Office 30/234; (541) 463-5183

Fitness and Lifestyle Specialist:

Jenni Miner, Coordinator; Office 30/123, (541) 463-5363

Health Information Management:

Rick Riordan, MS, RHIA, Coordinator; Office 30/210, (541) 463-5182

Medical Assisting:

Gloria Northup, AA, CMA, (AAMA), Coordinator; Office 5/231, (541) 463-3177


Jen Tavernier, DMP, RN, CCM, Coordinator; Office 30/110; (541) 463-5753

Nutrition Education

Tamberly Powell, MS, RD, Coordinator; Office 30/103; (541) 463-5525

Physical Therapist Assistant:

Christina Howard, PT, MPT, Ed.D, Coordinator; Office 30/124; (541) 463-5764