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Know What To Do

Knowing the best possible actions to take
Being proactive can keep you safe

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  • Look for an evacuation plan or diagram which is posted in every building.  Note the best route from your classroom to the outside of the building.
  • Leave the building. Walk, do not run, to the nearest exit. Use the nearest stairway, do not use the elevator.
  • Assist the disabled
    If you are unable to use the elevator or stairs, you may go to:
    • Stairway Landings—await rescue on inside or outside landings.
    • Outside decks/patios (Caution: some doors can lock behind you).
    • "Area of Rescue"—in the Science Building, Building 16 Room 229.
    • Evacu-Tracs are located in the Center Building a cabinet on the 4th floor in the South
    • Stairwell and in the basement. There are also Evacu-Tracs located in Building 30 and at the Mary Spilde Downtown Center.
    • Consider carrying a whistle with you in order to alert others in case of emergency.
  • Take valuables and cell phones with you if they are close by. Do not delay evacuation.
  • Proceed to assembly areas outside and away from the building, preferably to the nearest parking lot, at least 1.5 times the height of the building away. Do not obstruct emergency personnel or vehicles.
  • Identified staff will be checking all common areas and rooms and can assist you in your evacuation.
  • Wait for campus officials to notify you when to return to normal activities.
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  • Seek shelter inside a building away from windows.
  • Wait for campus officials to notify you when to return to normal activities.
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  • Drop
  • Cover
  • Hold on

Accessible Earthquake Preparedness

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  • Call ext. 5555 or (541) 463-5555
  • Warn others
  • Get out of the line of sight
  • Lock or barricade your doors
  • Turn out lights
  • Close window blinds
  • Hide behind furniture
  • If there is a hostage situation—go to as secure a location as possible, preferably with no windows, and secure the doors. If outdoors, find cover. If you need to run—zig zag, and try to keep objects between you and the hostile person.
  • Wait for campus officials to notify you when to return to normal activities.

Evacuation Guidelines — From the College Online Policy and Procedure System (COPPS) Emergency Plan.

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