Information for Student Organizations

Information for Student Organizations Operating on Lane Main Campus

Recognized Organizations

Each organization shall provide Student Life and Leadership Development with the following information:

  1. Name of the organization;
  2. Purpose of the organization;
  3. Officers and phone numbers;
  4. Advisor and phone extension;
  5. Time, place, and days of regularly scheduled meetings; and
  6. Proposed organizational guidelines (constitution)

Student Organizations must build their group in Titan Communities, and become ratified by Council of Clubs, to access campus resources. Contact the ASLCC Campus Community Director, or visit the Center for Student Engagement CEN201, for more information.

Membership in any college organization, including those affiliated with any other organization, shall not be denied because of age, sex, race, color, religion, physical or mental disability, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, veteran's status, familial relationship, expunged juvenile record, or association with anyone of a particular race, color, sex, national origin, marital status, age, or religion.

The college encourages the formation of student organizations as a fulfillment of the interests of the students and as an informal extension of the process of education. The administration and student representatives shall formulate rules for the recognition of student organizations. Only those recognized organizations shall be considered eligible to share in the rights and privileges of student activities, such as the use of college facilities, channels for publicity and staff sponsorship.


Each student club and organization must have a staff advisor. It is the responsibility of the students to find a staff member willing to act in this capacity. It is the function of the advisor to provide assistance and direction to the student organization. It is the responsibility of the advisor to ensure that the organization:

  • Is informed of college policy as related to its activity; and
  • Submits financial statements as outlined below

Scheduling Activities or Events

All activities and events which require the scheduling of campus facilities must comply with the Facilities: Scheduling guidelines prior to facility assignment. All activities and events which require the scheduling of campus facilities shall be initiated through Student Life and Leadership Development Administrative Specialist or the Department Coordinator.

Fund-Raising Projects And Activities

Requests for conducting fund-raising projects must be submitted to the director of Student Life and Leadership Development. Fund-raising projects must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. It must be sponsored by a recognized student organization;
  2. Income must be deposited to the organization's funding account for the purpose of furthering its programs; and
  3. No individual(s) shall realize a personal financial gain from the project

A complete financial statement shall be submitted to Student Life and Leadership Development at the completion of such fee-charged or fund-raising event showing:

  • Gross income;
  • Itemized expenses; and
  • Net profit (or loss)

Organizational Funds

All funds shall be deposited in an account in College Finance.Funds will remain in the organization's account as long as it continues to function as an active and recognized organization. If an organization should cease to operate for a period of two years, any unencumbered funds will revert back to the Council of Clubs account. All requisitions shall bear the signature(s) of the designated club officer(s) and the signature of its advisor.

Off-Campus Activities

Student organizations may schedule off-campus activities.  However, Student Life and Leadership Development must be informed, in writing and in advance, as to the time, place, date, and purpose of the event.An advisor must be present at the activity.

Student Organization Speakers

Clubs and organizations may have off-campus speakers. No attempt is made to regulate the selection of speakers.  Organizations are encouraged to invite the student body to hear speakers. Requests for permission to sponsor the activity (including speakers) must be arranged through Student Life and Leadership Development. Such requests should be in writing and include the following:

  1. Purpose of the activity;
  2. Facility needed; Advisor; and
  3. Security (if applicable)

Source: COPPS Campus Online Policy and Procedure System pages for Organizations and Student Clubs & Organizations.