Dental Assisting - Programs Prerequisites

Although prerequisites are not required prior to application, grades for these courses are used to compute the application scores. Thus, a student that has successfully passed the majority of the prerequisite courses at the time of application will have a higher, more competitive score.

In order to register for Dental Assisting classes in the Fall, students must have successfully completed:

  • Basic Mathematic Applications (MTH 052) or higher level math
  • Human Relations course from the approved list. See the Dental Assisting catalog listing
  • Introduction to College Writing (WR 115) or English Composition (WR121)
  • Computer Fundamentals (CIS 101) or Concepts of Computing (CS 120)
  • Dental Health Sciences (DA 110). **

**Human Body Systems 1 and 2 (HP 150/152) or Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 (BI231 & 232) can be substituted for DA 110.

A mandatory Program Orientation and a separate Document Day are held prior to Fall Term. Failure to attend will result in loss of "accepted" status.

For a detailed look at the required curriculum, go to the online catalog.

Students may arrange to complete the 9 month program over a two-year period after meeting with the program coordinator to discuss the options. NOTE: because all courses with a lab or clinical component have to be completed in the same year, the majority of courses are still taken in a single academic year.