Licensed Practical Nursing Program of Study


View the specific courses required for the nursing program.

Admission to the LPN program is competitive, based on a system of points. Further information about that process is available by clicking the link for Application Information. Once admitted to the LPN Program, the student will take a sequence of courses covering Outpatient and Ambulatory Care; Health Promotion, Chronic Illness, Acute Illness, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Pediatrics, along with college writing courses. While no specific course in computer use is required, students in the program are required to be competent with word processing and data entry as well as possessing the ability to find needed materials in the LCC library databases or on the internet.

To succeed in the LPN Nursing program students must have solid reading, writing, math, science and study skills. Students preparing to apply for admission to the LPN program are strongly advised to receive academic advising on a regular basis to assist with appropriate course selection and term by term planning. To prepare to apply it is important to be kept up to date regarding application timelines and requirements. Academic advising information is available to students by going to the "Moodle" link from the Lane home page. Before you log in, scroll down to Course Categories, click on Academic Advising, then choose Health Professions. 

Once students have applied and been accepted to the LPN Program the following must be accomplished prior to entry in the first term of the program: Course work - 22 or more credits - must be completed with a grade of C or higher (C- or less will not meet entry criteria).

Course work requirements to be completed by application include BI 231 Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 and  Math 052 Math for Health & Physical Sciences, Math 065 Elementary Algebra, Math 095 Intermediate Algebra or higher.  Fall entry include: 1) Completion of the next 2 terms of Anatomy of Physiology - BI 232 & BI 233; PSY 215 Lifespan Developmental Psychology; Writing 121 Academic Composition and HO 100 Medical Terminology.  Students must then complete Writing 122 and a Human Relations course by the last term in the program in order to receive their LPN Certificate. 

Information to obtain the remaining requirements is provided at the Mandatory Orientation for accepted and alternate students. The remaining requirements will include: a background check, drug/alcohol screening, AHA CPR training, immunizations and obtaining health insurance.