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Welcome to the first week! If you need any help this term, be sure to check out the Support Hub and the SHeD!

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Frequently Asked Questions from the New Student Welcome

A: Yes, please login to your ExpressLane student portal and click the myFinances link then choose Make a Payment to pay your bill or set up a payment plan..

A: If a class has a virtual day(s)/time(s) then this means the class will be meeting via zoom on those day(s)/time(s). This also means the instructor may have the class set up on Moodle as well. Please make sure to login to Moodle on a regular basis.

A:  Financial Aid covers tuition, fees, and personal expenses.

A: The first day of classes is Weds. Sept. 30th. If you are registered for a Mon/Weds course your first day of class is Sept. 30th. Now, if you are also registered for a Tues/Thurs course then your first day of class is Oct. 1st.

A: Review the financial aid disbursement schedule. The funds are applied to your tuition bill first, and if you have any funds left over they will come directly to you either through direct deposit or a debit card through BankMobile. Please visit that link for more information, or contact our Financial Aid department directly.

A: Log into Moodle! The link can also be found at the bottom of every Lane webpage. You can use your ExpressLane log in information to access it.

A: You should be hearing from your professors at your Lane student email account, and/or via Moodle. If you haven't yet and you have questions, feel free to contact your professors directly and they should be able to help.

A: Your tuition check should be mailed to the following address:

Lane Community College/Bursar
PO Box 50850
Eugene, OR 97405-0999.

Please include your L number on the check or in the envelope as well. If you have any additional questions about this, please contact our Enrollment Services department.

A: The SHeD, or Student Help Desk, is there to help students with their technical assistance needs. They do have a select number of Chrome books and laptops you may be able to check out. They can also help with Moodle, ExpressLane, WiFi access, and other academic technologies.

A: Due to state funding limitations, Oregon's Student Access Commission (OSAC) lowered the Family Expected Contribution (FEC) for grant applicants, making a small group of students ineligible for the grant even though they may have been told in Spring that they would be eligible. More information can be found here, under the heading "Awarding Update for 2020". This decision does not impact Federal Financial Aid or other grants and scholarships. If there are any updates to this ruling, students will be notified by OSAC.

A: View our First Year Experience (FYE) page. Under the "Welcome to Lane!" at the top, you'll see the step by step instructions

A: If you want to complete your 90 credit degree you will need on average 15 credits per term or 45 credits per year.  In the end, it is important for the students to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss what their goals are, what math or writing skills they have, etc.  Each student follows his/her own path.

A: Yes

A: You can purchase one through the Titan Store, Internet, or locally.

A: The Titan Store is one option through which you can get your course materials. Another option is Open Educational Resources that may have course materials for a class you are taking.  Your professor may also provide course materials directly.