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ALEKS Placement Process

Get ready for math success!

The ALEKS Placement Process, which can be completed online, is intended to provide students who are taking courses on the Algebra to Calculus (STEM) Pathway the best possible placement for their success in mathematics. ALEKS is a web-based system that helps gauge your skills in math. After completing an initial placement assessment, you will have an opportunity to improve your score through a customized Learning Module to better prepare for your math courses.

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  • Access your ALEKS account here. Log in with your L Number and passphrase.  
  • Complete an initial placement assessment. You then have a choice to register for the course indicated by your initial result, or you can complete a customized Learning Module to improve your placement.

If you have questions about ALEKS, please contact us at or 541-463-5446.

  • Work independently in your customized ALEKS Learning Module. Use your Learning Module to fill in gaps in your math background, and then retake the ALEKS Placement Assessment. Note that you will need to spend a minimum of 3 hours working in your Learning Module before your second attempt unlocks. Researchers have found that most students will improve their placement by at least one course level by spending 6-8 hours working in their Learning Module.
  • In order to register for a math class in the Algebra to Calculus pathway, you must achieve the ALEKS minimum score for the course you want to take.
  • The table below explains how to interpret your ALEKS score.
Course ALEKS Minimum Score
MTH 010, Whole Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals 0
MTH 020, Math Renewal 6
MTH 060, Beginning Algebra 14
MTH 065, Elementary Algebra 21
MTH 095, Intermediate Algebra 30

MTH 111Z, Precalculus I: Functions

MTH 211, Fundamentals of Elementary Math I


STAT 243Z, Elementary Statistics I


MTH 112Z, Precalculus II: Trigonometry

MTH 241, Elementary Calculus I


MTH 231, Discrete Mathematics 1

MTH 251, Differential Calculus