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Early College Admissions

For both sponsored and non-sponsored students

Join the Early College program at Lane to get a jump start on college! Follow the steps below to get started.

Parents - please do not complete any step for your student.

Early College students take classes either online or on a Lane Community College campus before graduating from an Oregon High School.

Complete Online Application

Welcome to Lane! Start by submitting your application at least six business days before the start of your session.

Once you complete your application, you'll receive a confirmation email. You can then log into the admissions portal to check the status of your application and see your next steps. Once your application has been processed, you'll receive your L Number (Student ID Number) and student email.

You'll need your L Number to complete the rest of the admissions steps. If you run into any trouble, or have any questions, reach out to

Start a new application or Log into the admissions portal

When filling out the application, be sure to :
  • Choose the "Earn a Degree Application"
  • Click "No" to federal financial aid (FAFSA) during your first term
  • Choose "I am a high school student taking classes before high school graduation" program of study option.


  • Social Security Number, if you plan to apply for Financial Aid in the future
  • A personal (non-school) email address of your own. Do not use an email address of a parent.

Submit the under 18 Student and Parent/Guardian Consent form

If you're under age 18, you and your parent/guardian must sign the Under 18 Student and Parent/Guardian Consent form. After you receive your L Number, submit the signed form to 

Submit a FERPA form

The FERPA release form allows the Early College Advisor and High School Connections Office to communicate with people you have chosen about your Lane account and academics. LCC cannot release student information to anyone without a signed FERPA from students due to the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
This release is meant to help with your success at Lane. We recommend a release. 
Tips for the FERPA Form:
  • If you are being sponsored by your high school, please list your high school's name; not a person
  • Make it valid until you graduate high school
  • This form cannot be filled out by the parent
  • Upload a picture ID (student body card, permit, driver's license accepted)
  • Please release information about Academics and Student Accounts.

You will need your L Number and myLane password to log into the form. 

Determine Placement Level

If you're going to be registering for a math course, a writing course, or a course with a prerequisite, you'll need to prove your writing level before advising and registration. 

Complete Academic Advising with the Early College Advisor

If you need more guidance on what classes to take or have questions, please reach out to the Early College Advisor, Brenda Williams. You will talk about:

  • Responsibilities of being a dual-enrolled college student
  • Policies at Lane
  • Recommended classes by program

Register for Classes and get Textbooks

That's it, you're ready to register! Now it's time to register for your classes in myLane and get your textbooks.


  • The CRNs you'll be registering for