Other Emergencies

For more information on these and other emergencies, consult your Emergency Manual

Suspicious Packages

If you receive a piece of mail or package that seems suspicious, contact Public Safety at (541) 463-5555.


If you discover a fire or see smoke:

  • If building fire alarm is not sounding, manually activate the alarm by pulling a fire alarm pull station located near an exit.
  • Immediately exit the building.
  • Call the Department of Public Safety. (541) 463-5555 (Emergency Line)

The first step after discovering a fire is to evacuate the area, closing all doors behind you. Locate the nearest manual fire alarm pull station and activate it, then contact Public Safety. Whenever possible, and without putting yourself at risk, shut down laboratory or industrial equipment before leaving.

Report all fires, no matter how small, to Public Safety at, (541) 463-5555 (Emergency Line) regardless of property damage.

Hazardous Materials Accidents

Contamination by hazardous materials can occur by physical contact or inhalation. At the college, hazardous material containers are required to be labeled with information regarding the health hazards of the substance. Individuals who believe they have been contaminated by contact with or inhalation of a known or suspected hazardous material should immediately seek medical attention and advise college staff of where the material is located and type, if known.

Utility Failure - Power Outage

Sudden power outages across campus are usually brief and affect only small areas, but prolonged or widespread outages can disrupt the mission of Lane. To help lessen this impact, prepare or review existing internal communications plans to ensure that personnel know about workday and after hour outages. It's essential to identify and prioritize vital power-dependent functions, operations, and equipment, and to plan ahead for the short-term and longer-term impacts and needs. To report or obtain information about outages, contact Public Safety at (541) 463-5558.

Wildlife Response

Lane's main campus is nestled in nature, surrounded by forests and marshlands. Wild animals make their homes in these natural spaces, and while most stay off the campus grounds, occasionally a few wander in.

While most of the wildlife stays off campus, we have many resident wild turkeys who've made Lane's well-manicured landscapes and open spaces their home. Despite their generally non-threatening presence, they are still wild animals and should not be fed or approached. If you see an unusual wild animal on campus, keep your distance and call Public Safety at (541) 463-5555.