Hallmarks, Scholarships, and Resources

Phi Theta Kappa's Hallmark Awards Program is a competitive program that honors individuals, chapters, and regions in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship.


C4 Community College Completion Corps

Phi Theta Kappa is committed to actively encouraging completion of a college credential, an associate degree or certificate, among community college students. We are counting on our army of scholars to take the lead in this initiative. Start today by making your personal commitment to complete and encouraging others to do the same.

Scholarships & Resources:

Some of the scholarships available to Phi Theta Kappa members are:

Member Scholarship Opportunities

  • LCC Foundation Merit-based Scholarships
  • Senior Institution Transfer Scholarships
  • All-USA Academic Team Scholarships
  • All-State Academic Teams
  • Guistwhite Scholarships
  • Leaders Of Promise Scholarships
  • National Dean's List
  • International Officer Scholarship
  • Orlowski Candidate Scholarship
  • Nota Bene Scholarships

Advisor Scholarship Opportunities

  • Mosal Awards 
  • Faculty Scholar Scholarships

Many other scholarships are available and some, while open to the general public, suggest strongly that only Phi Theta Kappa students be nominated.


While participation in chapter activities is optional, holding a leadership position allows students to develop valuable workplace skills, connect with students around the world, and have fun.

All chapters of Phi Theta Kappa automatically belong to a region. A region may be composed of a single state or a group of states. Lane Community College's chapter, Sigma Zeta, belongs to the Rocky Mountain Cascade Region(link is external) which includes Oregon, Southern Idaho, and Utah.

A Regional Coordinator is appointed to each region to plan and implement programs within the region and to facilitate communications between the advisors in the region and International Headquarters. A Coordinator's Advisory Committee, composed of chapter advisors, provides assistance in the majority of Phi Theta Kappa's regions. All regions also elect a slate of Regional Officers to further expedite the activities of the regions. The Regional Coordinator, the Advisory Committee and the Regional Officers work together to promote growth and development of the individual chapters in their regions.


PTK service adopt a road group

Phi Theta Kappa chapters are strongly encouraged to participate in service related to their Honors in Action project. A strong commitment to service has always been a major focus of Phi Theta Kappa.

Past service projects include:

  • Adopt-a-Road. Sigma Zeta has adopted 30th Avenue in front of Lane Community College. We will clean the road at least once per term.
  • SOLV's Fall and Spring Fall Creek Cleanup



PTK game night

A comprehensive fellowship program is one that balances activities focused on pure fun social events with activities that provide support to other chapters and those that share international programs with the chapter's members, college, community and chapters within the region. Many chapters find that using the International Service Program and the Honors Study Topic provides a good foundation to building a strong fellowship program.

Honors Research Program