Why start your engineering education at Lane?


Since 1980, students from Lane have transferred to universities throughout the United States to complete their engineering education. Many have gone on to earn advanced degrees in graduate school. Former students have achieved academic and professional success and are now working as professionals throughout Oregon and the nation.

What Former Lane Students Say About the Program

"The education I received at Lane provided excellent preparation for upper division engineering courses. I would do it again and encourage other potential engineers to follow a similar path." —Nathan Mead, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah; M.S., B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State University; and now Professor at the Oregon Institute of Technology

"The quality of Lane's courses is the same as what I experienced in my graduate level classes at Berkeley." —Brad Larsen, M.S. Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkeley; B.S. Civil Engineering, Oregon State University

Advantages of Lane's Engineering Program

  • Students in our program usually transfer directly into junior year (upper division) professional programs at a university of their choice.
  • Lane offers quality, university-level instruction at tuition rates lower than those of university programs.
  • Lane has small classes (usually fewer than 30 students).
  • The student population in the program is diverse in age, experience, and cultural background. This provides a rich learning environment.
  • The program has faculty with professional engineering backgrounds and years of college teaching experience. All faculty have graduate degrees and are available, helpful instructors.
  • New facilities: a new mathematics and science building provides state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories.
  • We have close working relationships with engineering professional programs at universities in Oregon.
  • The mission of the engineering transfer program is to prepare students for their transition to a four year university. Lane has a proven record of success.