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Our mission is to create conditions that encourage students to think critically and to exit our programs having acquired cultural, social and linguistic competence.

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The Language Department at Lane Community College offers courses in French, Spanish, and American Indian Languages. In all of our language programs, we seek to create a respectful learning environment that fosters an awareness of and appreciation for diverse cultures, while encouraging a spirit of inquiry and discovery. To facilitate students' success, our innovative instructional staff embrace multiple creative approaches to teaching language which accommodate a variety of learning styles, and numerous resources are available to students.

In the classroom, students enjoy practicing their new language skills working in pairs and small groups at round tables. Native speakers are often present to assist in class, and students meet with them weekly for additional support in the form of individual and group tutorials. Instructors provide information on overseas opportunities, and every year some of our best students opt to live, study and work abroad in French and Spanish-speaking countries.

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American Indian Languages: Chinuk Wawa

The Language Studies department offers two years of study in Chinuk Wawa (from 101 to 203), satisfying graduation requirements of the Oregon University System. Learn more about the History, Information and Course Objectives

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Oregon residents over 65 can audit with free tuition (just pay fees)! Learn more about the senior credit tuition waiver.
If credit enrollment is a financial barrier, we also offer a limited number of Continuing Education seats in each Chinuk Wawa course.

Learn some Chinuk Wawa right through the Chinuk Wawa Phrase of the Week Gallery


The French Program at LCC offers two years of instruction in French, from the beginning sequence (FR 101-103) through the intermediate sequence (FR 201-203). It is designed to build students' communication skills and confidence in speaking this sonorous language that is used internationally in over 50 countries. Students at Lane study French in diverse cultural contexts, using a proficiency-based model of learning that promotes intercultural competence. During spring term every other year, we invite students to participate in an on-campus weekend immersion experience (FR 211/212). Alternating years, students can study abroad in France during our four-week Summer in France program (FR 188/288).


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The Language Studies department offers two years of study in Spanish, satisfying admission and BA graduation requirements of the Oregon University System. Introductory courses are offered most terms for Spanish because of its high demand. As of Spring 2019, we are also offering online Spanish classes.

Spanish Tutors: Contact your instructor or go to Tutor Central on the 2nd floor of the Center building for more information.