Frequently Asked Questions about Registration

When can I register? 

Lane's registration is timed to allow degree-seeking students who have already earned credits to add their classes first, in order of how many credits they have already done, so that those who are nearing their completion have first access to what they need. To find out when you can register, there is a Registration Calendar online, and you can also look under Enrollment and Student Financial Services, Registration and Books, "When Can I Register?" in ExpressLane. This link gives information specifically about your registration status.

Why do I have to wait to register at Lane if I have credits from another college/university? 

Lane wishes to be fair to students who have already been taking classes here, and many classes can fill up quickly. If you are seeking a degree/certificate, and complete your needed Steps to Enroll, you will be allowed to register before Open Registration takes place.

What if I only want one class? Do I have to do all the "Steps to Enroll"?

If you are not seeking a degree, but only want to take a class or two, you are welcome, but will need to wait until Open Registration. (Note: Direct Transfer is considered seeking a degree--but elsewhere--and does require an Academic Advising session).

What if the classes I need are all full by the time I am allowed to register?

Our experience shows that many students make changes to their initial schedules before the term begins, so it is likely that the class you need will have openings. (See the next question about Wait Listing)

Can I get on a Wait List? 

Lane offers an online Wait List for any full class. If you add yourself to a waitlist in the registration section in myLane, you will be notified if a spot becomes available for you, and given time to add the class before it goes to the next student on the list. The Wait Lists will remain active until the last meeting of the class in the first week of the term, and registration will close unless you get instructor permission after that. If you are # 1-5 on the Wait List, you should attend the class the first week, so you don't miss anything. Please drop yourself from the Wait List if you no longer want the class, to allow others to move up on the list.  Registration for all classes will close at the end of the first week of the term, unless you get instructor permission.

I checked "When Can I Register" in myLane and it says I have to see an advisor before I can register. Why? 

Students who are coming to Lane for a degree or certificate, or who are taking classes for transfer elsewhere, must see an Academic Advisor before being cleared to register. Also students who tested into "Guided Studies" must see an Academic Advisor each term in order to be cleared. In each case, this is to help you make sure you are taking the classes that will help you achieve your goal, and that will lead to your success.

How do I know what classes to take? 

We're glad you asked!  Lane Community College has an Academic Advising Team who is just waiting to help you with figuring out your classes. Though you are only required to see them before the first time you register, you can see your advisor any time you want help figuring out what classes you need, or might be of interest as an elective.

When can I see the classes that will be offered in an upcoming term?

Lane shows the class schedule (list of all classes and times for the upcoming term) approximately one week before early registration begins for that schedule. The easiest way to search the class schedule is in your myLane Registration Tools, if you are cleared to add classes.

Have more questions? Please contact Enrollment Services for more information.