Foundation Scholarship Ambassadors

Meet our Foundation Scholarship Ambassadors!

Our Foundation Scholarship Ambassadors are scholarship recipients who help encourage their peers to apply for scholarships and share their stories in support of the college's mission to make education more accessible in our community. Meet some of our past ambassadors.

Adaora Foundation Scholarship Ambassador

Adaora is a second-year student in LCC’s Nursing program. She was the recipient of the Bonine Nursing and Shining Star scholarships. Helping care for a family member with a rare neurological disease and seeing the care and compassion that the nurses had for their patients had a strong impact on Adaora and her career path. Following graduation from LCC she plans to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and work in pediatric and neonatal units. 



Photo of Kala studying

Cade will be the first person in his family to graduate from college. He received the Giustina Business scholarship and is pursuing a transfer degree. He hopes to own his own cattle ranch and vineyard, and wants to learn more about marketing. Cade has a passion for baseball and is enjoying his first year on LCC’s team. One of his biggest accomplishments was hitting his first home run on his high school team because it showed him that hard work really does pay off.

Dan Foundation Scholarship Ambassador

Dan is a first-year student in Diesel Technology. He received the Jimmy D. Carter and the Rexius Diesel Scholarships. He currently works in the mechanics shop of an agricultural machinery retailer and is excited to advance to a new role when he graduates. He helps his family by using his mechanical knowledge to work on their cars and has helped the community by volunteering to work on equipment for Wild Ones Youth Ranch. Fun fact- Dan started his own successful business at age 11 selling laying hen pullets!



Josh Foundation Scholarship Ambassador

A second-year student, Josh is looking forward to graduating from the Aviation Maintainance Technology program and relocating to work for a major airline. He received the Charles E. Petrie scholarship and says that receiving support from someone outside of his family who stepped forward to help him reach his goals reinforced his confidence in his career path. Josh is inspired by his wife and the desire to create a stable future for the family they are planning to start.



Kala Foundation Scholarship Ambassador

Kala is a nursing student and a Eugene native. Her father immigrated from the Marshall Islands and has always encouraged her to pursue her education. The Achiever Circle and Shining Star scholarships have helped make this a reality. She works as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Riverbend hospital in Springfield and hopes to continue her education after Lane to become a nurse anesthetist. When Kala isn’t studying or working, she enjoys creative writing. She recently placed first in LCC’s League for Innovation writing contest and third at the national level.