Steps to College Now credit hero

Steps to College Now Credit

How to Apply and Enroll

Looking to take college classes at your high school, and gain college credit?

Find which courses are offered at your high school

First, you'll want to see which College Now courses your high school offers. Use our interactive app to choose your high school and courses offered grouped by subject area. Click on a course for more detailed information.

Note: Credit for these courses can be applied toward certificates, transfer and applied associate degrees or as general education within several different Career Communities. For help and information about how your credits apply toward your educational goal, contact the College Now Advisor Pete Peterson at or 541-463-3444.

Check with your counselor

Check with your high school counselor to find out if any of the College Now courses have prerequisites or placement tests.

Apply for College Now Admission

Your high school counselor or instructor may help you with this step

Start a new application or, if you've already started an application, Log into the admissions portal

Lane CC Grading Policies

  • You will receive a syllabus with all course expectations from your CN instructor. Students registered for dual credit courses will be assigned a grade of "A, B, C, D, or F"
  • In order to avoid a grade you do not want on your Lane CC transcript, especially "D" or "F", you must withdraw from the class by the appropriate deadline.
  • If you find a missing or incorrect grade, contact your high school instructor within one academic school year. Your instructor will then report the correct information to the High School Connections office.
  • Students who have past due Lane CC accounts from pervious terms can not register until their student account has been paid in full.

Check your transcript

The next term after you finish your classes, check your unofficial Lane CC transcript to make sure you got credit.  If you believe you should have received College Now credit, but it is not showing on your transcript fill out this Appeal Form.