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Titan Court is Lane's student housing. International and American students from Lane, University of Oregon, and Bushnell University live together in apartments at Titan Court. There are weekly activities led by student Resident Advisors to help students get to know their roommates, easy access to tons of restaurants, shopping, and grocery stores, and washing machines that will text you when your clothes are clean! There are a variety of apartment types available. To see more information, please visit Lease Information page. Eugene's downtown was voted one of the top ten in the USA in 2014! Come live here and find out for yourself!

To apply to Lane Student Housing (Titan Court), please fill out the application below.

Resident Handbook Titan Court

Titan Court Application

This application is for international students on F-1 visas with I-20s issued by Lane that are interested in living in our student apartments. This form confirms your interest in living at Titan Court but does not guarantee your spot in the apartments. We will contact you with more information regarding your application if we are able to accommodate you in Titan Court. We certainly hope we can! All other students should contact Titan Court directly.

All New international students with an F-1 visa are required to live at Titan Court their first term unless they have permission to live elsewhere. Use this form to indicate your preferences for your apartment or to request permission to live elsewhere.

Titan Court Application

Before Move-in Frequently Asked Questions

A: To apply for housing you must complete the online application, sign the lease, and pay your $600 deposit, $35 application fee, and your rent for the first month. For one-term lease, rent must be paid in full by arrival.

To start, please fill out the Online Housing Application

A: Although there is no deadline, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible to secure a room. We have limited availability, and we do not guarantee a room until you have completed the application process.

A: You may cancel your Titan Court lease no less than 10 business days before the first move-in date. If we receive your request to cancel your lease by the deadline, we will refund your deposit and first month's rent. If you are suddenly unable to attend Lane Community College due to visa denial or medical emergency and the lease cancellation deadline has passed, please submit a request for consideration to

A: Yes, we are here to help you with a special need. You can add a note in “Do you have any special requests?” on your application.

A: Your login name and temporary password will be sent to you in two separate emails from Titan Court once your lease has been approved. In case you accidentally deleted the email, contact Lane International Housing Services +1 (541) 463-3434 or Titan Court +1 (541) 344-2828. You can also email us at

A: If you are planning to live with your friend, fill out the “Do you have a specific person you want to share the apartment with?” on both your and your friend’s applications. Both of you must have the same type of lease. For example: If you apply for a 1-year lease, your friend must also apply for a 1-year lease.

A: Please see the link below for move-in dates and orientation sessions for the term you plan to arrive. All students must check in to Titan Court by the last move-in day and attend the full orientation session.

Move-in dates and orientation session information for the term you plan to arrive

A: Due to the orientation schedule and previous leases' end dates, we do NOT accept any early or late move-ins.

A: Items you should plan to purchase are kitchen utensils, food for cooking, and toiletries. We provide a complimentary welcome basket which includes: 1 set of sheets, 1 blanket, 1 pillow, 1 bath towel, a laundry hamper, snacks for your first evening, and day passes for the local city bus (LTD).

A: Go to the main entrance hall at Titan Court. Staff will be there to welcome you and give you your room number and keys. If you have signed up for airport pick-up, our student ambassadors will meet you at Eugene Airport, and you will ride a free shuttle to Titan Court.

A: We will not accept boxes or parcels for residents before move-in days.

A: Titan Court is your home, and you are welcome to have an overnight guest. Keep in mind that your roommates will appreciate knowing in advance since they live there too. You are responsible for the behavior of your guests. This means informing them of the policies of Titan Court Apartments and soliciting their cooperation while visiting. Please limit the stay of any overnight guests to three nights. A resident who houses a guest for more than three consecutive nights may be subject to fines or possible disciplinary action.

A: Once your lease has been processed, Titan Court will email you your login name and temporary password. Then we will email you the payment instructions with your invoice. Please pay the amount due online with a credit card (VISA or MasterCard). A credit card processing fee will be added.

A: No, just enter the amount you want to pay, such as $1,100. The system will add the fee, and it will ask you if it’s okay before you submit the payment. 

A: If you or your agent plans to send a bank wire to pay for your future rent for Titan Court, please email us at right away. We will provide you the instructions for wire transfers. 

After move-in Frequently Asked Questions

A: Please remember to make your rent payment on the first day of each month. Each student should be aware of when his/her payment is due to avoid late charges. Please refer to the payment schedule on page 1 of your lease agreement for payment due dates. You will be given a grace period until 10 PM on the 4th of each month. At this point a late fee of $50.00 will be assessed. There is a $35.00 service charge for all payments returned for insufficient funds.

A: You are eligible to live at Titan Court until the end of your lease. If you move out, you must pay rent or find someone to sublease your room for the remaining length of your lease.

A: Your apartment comes with Internet service and a standard cable package provided by Comcast. If you have a computer, you may connect to the Internet by using Titan Court’s high speed Ethernet/ local area network or Wi-Fi. For more information, please seek assistance from Titan Court office. If you would like additional services, you may contact Comcast directly. You will be responsible for all additional service charges above those provided.

A: Only pets that can hold their breath for 24 hours underwater are allowed at Titan Court. Fish and their aquariums (under 20 gallons) are the only pets allowed with the exception of service or companion animals.

A: Lane Transit District (LTD) is our local bus service and will take you to the Lane Community College main campus. Eugene station is located near the Titan Court and you can take the bus 81, 82, or 89 at Bay I to main campus. All international students will receive their first bus pass during Orientation.

A: Students are strongly encouraged to work together with roommates to resolve any differences by speaking directly to roommates, sharing concerns, expressing feelings, and negotiating a resolution to conflict.

Titan Court also provides service through their Community Assistants (CAs) who live in Titan Court. The CAs are a resource to help in the living/learning experience as well as in confronting those who disrupt the community.

A: Yes, Titan Court provides free parking to all residents in the Broadway South Parking Garage owned by the City of Eugene. Parking is by permit only; free permits can be picked up at the Front Office at the beginning of each month. Titan Court is not responsible for any tickets, parking violations, or other incidences occurring within the parking garage. Possession of a parking pass does not guarantee a parking space.

A: Yes, before your lease ends, you may be given an option to renew. Please check your email or contact for information.